Monday, November 21, 2016

Novica- review and Giveaway!

Novica is one of the leading fair trade artisan websites. They work with National Geographic to give talented artisans around the world a place to express their artistic talents and provide access to the world market.

i have always been drawn to unique artwork and clothing from other countries. However, once i became aware that many times artists are not paid a fair wage for the product i became more hesitant to buy many imported goods.

Novica provides fair trade products made by artisans around the globe. They want you to know who you're buying from, to feel an attachment to the product, and to the hands that created it.  One of my favorite features on the Novica site is that there is an artist story at the bottom of every product. So, you can see the artists who are actually making the items. When you purchase an item from Novica, an artisan card is included with each item.

i always really enjoy browsing the Unique Gifts section. Novica has put together a versatile collection of hand-crafted treasures from artists around the world.  The Eco friendly selection includes items that are sustainable and natural as well as items made from recycled or reclaimed materials.  At Novica you'll fiind unique handmade products, great value, and the joy of helping to nurture and elevate the craft of global artisans.

Novica also has an extensive jewelry collection, featuring beautiful handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry, precious gemstone necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Don't know what to give a special someone? The Unique Gift section has gift ideas for everyone; Anniversary gifts, Corporate gifts, Gifts for Animal lovers, and more.  You can shop buy price range, by region, by category, and by individual artist. Their original and unique gift ideas will make it easy to find the perfect gift!

i really love what Novica has created. It is a wonderful online marketplace that bridges the gap and brings all of these unique artisan treasures together in one place for an easy shopping experience.

 You can feel good about your purchases, and feel connected with the artists whom your purchase is helping.

Be sure to check out the Keeper of the Arts section. The Keepers of the Arts honor their cultural traditions and family legacies by preserving ancient techniques for future generations to enjoy. This collection contains many of the world's most precious artistic traditions.

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Novica provided me with a gift card to review their store, but these opinions are 100% mine. i really feel like this is a great store that showcases the talents of these wonderful artists and provides a place to purchase fair trade, high quality items.

Hello November, Goodbye Tomatoes.

This is how my November started. Sunshine and tomatoes.

 Lots of tomatoes.

 A full Rainbow of tomatoes. 

Despite being the beginning of November, the tomatoes in my greenhouse looked like this. It was absolutely amazing.  The plants were absolutely gorgeous, 11 foot tall and loaded with tomatoes.

11-7 We had a couple light frosts, but i was able to pick the remaining green tomatoes and peppers from the garden. The tomatoes in my greenhouse were still doing fantastic. Despite the cold temperatures outside we'd had enough heat during the day to keep the temperature above freezing at night in the greenhouse.

11-12 The temperatures were really starting to dip down, so i picked all the ripe fruit that was in the greenhouse and many of the larger green tomatoes as well. i had mostly Blue Beauty and Cherokee purples. i'd been planning to put a light out in the greenhouse, to help maintain a bit of heat at night.

Unfortunately i didn't get my light out there in time. Around the second week of November we had a predicted low of 36, so i wasn't really worried.  The temperatures were much lower than that, i believe when i woke that morning it was 21 degrees  F outside.  With no light it was 27 in the greenhouse. i don't know if the light could have kept it above freezing and saved the tomatoes. but i think it may have. Next year i will put the light in early and get it on a timer so i don't forget to turn it on. i was pretty much devastated to lose everything in the greenhouse overnight. i'd had not only tomatoes, but peppers, eggplant and a pineapple sage plant i has successfully rooted from a cutting and kept indoors until it was established. It had not only rooted, but it had just started to bloom. i was hoping to keep it going all winter so i could transplant it back outside in the spring.

11-19 Nearing the end of November and i still have fresh garden tomatoes. Thank goodness i picked all of the ripe and large green ones when i did. i still have a basket of green tomatoes trying to ripen. My goal was to have fresh tomatoes in Dec. and i think i may get my wish. Although i won't be able to pick them off the plant, i should still have a couple ripe on Dec. 1st. 

Although i was really bummed to lose my tomatoes when i did, this is the longest i've ever had fresh tomatoes. i knew the greenhouse was an experiment this year, having never had one before, so i know what i need to do to keep my tomatoes going longer next year. i feel like this was a big step for me and i'm really pleased with how well every thing did this year. Makes me very hopeful for a great garden and harvest next year. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Vending at the IVES Fall Festival

Last Friday i set up my table at the IVES Fall Festival. This is pretty much the only craft show i vend these days. It's a very small local event and i never really expect to make money. i do it to support the school and the event. 

i borrowed the table and necklace displays from a friend and was really pleased with how nice my display was this year. Honestly it usually sucks. ha ha.  i'm always surprised by how much stuff i actually have once i start putting it out. 

The tree cookie (wood slabs) were a last minute addition. i couldn't figure out the best way to display my bendy dolls, but i really think this worked out great. This may be the last time i have bendy dolls for sale. i rarely make them any more and am trying to sell these so i can move on to other crafts.  i still have a lot left and will eventually get them listed on my website if i ever get around to finishing it.

i've been working on lampworked glass leaf and heart pedants again. The leaf pendants are my favorite. The hearts are still really challenging, but it's good practice and hopefully one day i'll master them and be able to move on to something else.  

i really enjoyed vending the fall fest this year, i sold a few things and made enough to more purchase more glass supplies. i've been using Kenan's scrap color, but had burned through all the good colors last fall so i didn't have a lot to work with now that i'm starting to melt glass again.  i ordered a random assortment and am really hoping that i got some good colors! i'm excited to get back down to the glass shop and make holiday gifts again this year. 

If your interested in seeing what work i have for sale you can check my fb page and i'll eventually have the items on my website shopping cart. .

How to store your Essential oils- Anji Naturals Storage box review

A couple months ago i started looking for a storage box for my essential oils. Essential oils should be stored in a cool dark place and away from direct sunlight.  i wasn't entirely sure what i wanted, but felt like i would know when i found it. i checked the thrift stores often, for some type of wooden box but just couldn't find quite what i was looking for.

Then last week i had the opportunity to review this #anjinaturals essential oils storage box. 

 How perfect is this?!? It holds 45 5-15ml bottles and 14 roller bottles. It also comes with 25 pipettes, colored labels and an Aromatherapy E-Book which came on a disk The three tier box is made from unfinished pine and will be fun to decorate/paint. :) You could stain it, or paint or even wood burn a  design on it.  

It's actually a bit larger and heavier than i was expecting! The box measures 9 1/2" tall when closed.  It's 8 1/2" wide and 7 1/4" across.  When it's opened up it is 13 1/2 " tall.  The eBook has info to get you started with essential oils. This is a really nice package!

Most of my oils are in large 1oz bottles, so they don't fit in the little slots, but i have been planning to get some smaller bottles anyhow so i can mix my own oil combinations. The 1/2 oz bottles fit on both the top or middle tier. The slots are also removable if you want to use one of the tiers to store something else. i'm really thrilled with this storage box and i'm looking forward to filling it up with my oils, custom blends and customizing my new box!

You can purchase your own Essential Oil storage box on amazon. It's currently $34.95 with free shipping if you have prime!

i received this product at no cost for my honest review. i was not compensated. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sneak peek at my crafts for the IVE Fall Festival-2016

On Friday, November 11 at 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM, i'll be set to vend at the IVES Fall festival in Indian Valley, VA.  This is our a fundraising event for our little school. They'll have bounce houses and carnival games for the kids, tasty food for sale and lots of vendors so you can get a head start on your holiday shopping.

This is just a few of the things i'll have for sale. Beaded mandala jewelry, lamp worked glass leaf & heart pendants, bendy dolls, crocheted goods and  more!

i have lots of jewelry available. i'm working on getting it listed on my website very soon. 

i've also been playing in the glass shop and will have a few hearts and leaves for sale. i'm am still very much a beginner. i haven't touch glass since last winter/early spring and am trying to get back into it during the winter months.  The heart shapes are really tricky for me, but they are getting better.

i'll have a handful of crocheted owl pouches and cat ear hats.

i also have lots and lots of bendy dolls!!

i'm working to get all these dolls finished before xmas. Most are just waiting on shoes and undies. lol. FOr some reason, i find both of those things super challenging. Also still working on find the perfect outfits for each doll, so i constanntly change them around until i figure out their personality.

All these items will be listing on my website for sale after the fall festival is over.

It's has been so warm the last few days i'm having a very hard time getting into craft mode. i'm not complaining in the least, i'm very much enjoying the extended summer.