Saturday, June 19, 2010

pulling out our cloth diapers...

Even though my youngest has been out of diaper for about a year now, i have not been able to get rid of my cloth diapers.

i purchased my diapers 8 years ago, before all these fancy AIO's and pocket diapers became so popular. i bought an economy package from a website called earth baby, or eco baby...whatever it was, it's no longer around. My set came with 6 prowrap covers and two dozen Chinese prefolds. It cost around $72. As my baby grew, we upgraded covers (i purchased pro-wrap seconds) and purchased a dozen or two of the larger sized prefolds. The cost of our diapers was very minimal, compared to what folks pay for disposables. i would guess we spent well under $300 total.

When my son potty trained, i packed up all my cloth diapers and put them into storage. i pulled them out again when my daughter was born. i admit, by the time my daughter potty trained many of my diapers were looking very rough. However, we doubled them up or did what we needed to and made them work. i acquired a few new diapers through trades or giveaways. i always prefered the prefolds though. If they were really falling apart, we turned them into cleaning rags or recycled them into homemade swiffer pads . When my daughter potty trained i packed most of them up again, not ready to get rid of them completely.

Now 8 years, and two children later...i am pulling them out out again. i have to admit, it makes my heart thump a bit to see them hanging on on the line again.

No, more babies here. Well, human babies anyway.

We just adopted another puppy. :) Sigh....
He's so tiny and sweet. This is Mr. Rufus Bigglesworth. He's a 6 week old beagle.
When our neighbors heard we had lost our beagle in Nov. they breed a couple of their beagles so they could give us a new puppy. How could we say no?

So, my cloth diapers are getting used again, this time as puppy bedding and piddle pads.


  1. I love the diapers on the line too. My daughter uses the potty now, but I kind of miss that big old cloth diaper butt. I mean, I don't really miss it--- but cloth dipes are just so cute aren't they?

  2. What a cutie...makes me want to adopt a beagle!