Friday, July 9, 2010

Hip Mountain Mama and Sarah's Silks feature!

i was recently blessed with winning this adorable fairy outfit From Hip Mountain Mama's Blog. This adorable outfit was created by Sarah's Silks who was featured on the Hip Mountain Mama Blog. You can read all about Sarah, who started Sarah's silks as well as read about the process of how the silk is created.

Hip Mountain Mama is a family owned and operated Business that Specializes in selling hip and natural products. They are passionate about offering natural and sustainable products, while helping to support other small businesses and promoting green living.

The Hip Mountain Mama store has a fabulous selection of natural and handmade toys, made in the USA. They specializes in Waldorf-Inspired Toys, Natural Art Supplies, Organic Cotton Baby Items, Hemp Clothing, Bamboo Products, Reusable Bags, Handmade Clothing, Knitting Accessories, and many other Green, Eco-Friendly, Natural, and Unique Products.

i really encourage you to follow the Hip Mountain Mama Blog here. Suzy is incredibly inspiring and her blog features information about Hip Mountain Mama including new item, product features, and special discounts offers. It is also packed full of tips, facts and encouragement on living green, , crafts, recipes, family adventures and more!

Hip Mountain Mama is currently hosting a project called One Small Change which encourages people to make green changes. You can read more about it here and learn how to participate!

'Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ —Margaret Mead


  1. I love that true and really what we are trying to accomplish. Thanks for the nice write up...I am so glad you and your little one are enjoying the silk items!!

  2. Your daughter is adorable!
    Glad you are enjoying the Sarah's Silks!