Saturday, December 18, 2010

A few new projects..

i have so many projects to finish, but that never stop me from starting new ones. Here is a few things i've been working on this week.

i've been wanting to create some bendy dolls in a woodland elf/gnome theme. This was the first one a little toadstool girl. :)

i also made a couple more Pegasus.

Magic window cookies. i always use this recipe . These are a favorite, both for eating and decorating. They make great mobiles and look so pretty hanging in the windows.

i realized i needed some stocking stuffers for the kids this year. i made Sage a Ponyo doll. She absolutely loves the movie Ponyo. i played a round with a few different options for the hair. i don't love this one, but it will do.

i've been wanting to make my boy a plush 'Toothless' dragon from how to train your dragon, but haven't got it together yet. i did make him this hat thought. It looks kind of silly on, but i think he'll still like it. i'm not sure about the white nostrils and may change them to dark black.

i'm so scattered this week. i apologize for my lack of posting. We had a pretty good winter storm and missed a few days of school already. i've been running in circles trying to finish gifts and orders, baking and cleaning, taking the kids outside to play in the snow and playing lots of board games.

Hope you're all enjoying the winter weather!


  1. I love this hat!!! Will you make me one, minus the white nostrils, because those are just creepy...

  2. I LOVE this hat! you did a fantastic job! Would you mind sharing the pattern? My son would love this (heck so would I haha) :)


  3. i love the hat, too! and would love the pattern, too. i actually have a little girl who would LOVE it.

    courtneymccool (at) yahoo