Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flower fairy Bendy dolls.

Just a few new Bendy dolls i have available. i'm am very eager for spring to arrive and have abandoned the Winter Kingdom temporarily. :)
Instead i have been creating a few Flower fairies and Spring fae.

These are my first two flower fairies. They both have felt 'flower petal' skirts and hats, and an embroidered 'leaf' top. i didn't give them wings, but i still might.

If your interested in one and want wings just drop me a line and i can easily add them.

Pink flower fairy. Her legs are pink and green stripes, and she has a dark blond hair with green eyes. My pictures always have such a glare it can be hard to tell.
She is $12 shipped first class.

This lovely purple flower fairy has green and lavender striped legs. Her hair is blond with light highlights and it has a bit of texture, from being wrapped tightly on an embrodery floss card. Her eyes are sort of a gray/silvery green.

She too is $12 shipped.

i'm hoping to have a few more posted this week!


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