Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Ginormous Egg.

It's not that unusual to occasionally get a bigger than normal egg. They almost always turn out to be double yolkers. However, our latest 'big' egg is definitely a record for us. This is the biggest 'big' egg i've ever seen!!

It measure 6 1/4" inches around.

It is just a hair over 3" long and weighs 3 3/4 oz. i did a quick online just to see what an average egg weighs and found this chart. The jumbo sized eggs you'd get from the store are 2 1/2 oz on average. My eggs are about 2 oz on average. This egg is almost twice the size of my normal eggs. It's ginormous!!

Here you can see it in a egg carton with some of my average sized 'large' eggs. :)
That poor hen!! This crazy big egg was laid by a White Leghorn. She's actually a pretty small bird compared to the other production layers. The hen is fine too, by the way. She wasn't even walking funny. :)


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