Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Berry Season

My wordless Wednesday posts are never really wordless. :) Four quarts of blueberries frozen so far, and they are really just getting started. We have 14-15 bushes now, and even with them producing well it's just not enough for my family of 4. i don't think we could ever have too many blueberries.

Black Raspberries grow wild behind the house. i picked enough for a batch of jam.

Red raspberries are doing good. The actual patch looks healthy and fantastic, but it didn't produce a lot of berries. Between the kids and the birds raiding them i've only picked about 2 cups so far...hoping to get enough for a batch of jam.

This patch of strawberries are running a bit late this year. They just started really producing well.

i won't have enough for freezing or for jam this year, but we've been enjoying the fresh berries. i'm always amazing how much flavor they have compared to the ones from the store. So delicious.

We LOVE berry season. My kids are out there every morning raiding the bushes. It's amazing i'm able to get any at all. i can't really get mad at them though, for choosing to eat fresh organic fruit. They snack on the berries all day and then don't ask for other snacks constantly.

i found three little ripe blackberries, but most of our blackberries are still very green. It will be a while before we can pick them. It looks like it's going to be a good year for them though.

Last year i found a patch of wineberries and transplanted a few canes on our back hill. Not all of the canes survived, but the couple that did are already sending up runners and shoots. It didn't flower this year, but next year i suspect i'll have wineberries. There is actually a huge patch behind Kenan's shop in Willis, so i'm planning to raid that when the berries are ripe. i would LOVE to get enough for a batch of jam, but doubt there will be enough for that. Maybe next year though. :)


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