Sunday, August 26, 2012

Creativity for Kids Craft Party!!

We had our Creativity for Kids Party on Saturday! Wow, what a blast!

This was my daughter's very first party and she was so excited for her guests to arrive!! We had a total of 9 kids and 4 adults attend. The children ranged in age from 4 to 13 years. The majority of our guests were 6-7 year old little girls from my daughter's first grade class. We also had two boy siblings (8 and 10) and a 13 year old girl.
i thought the crafts might be a little too young for the 13 year old, but invited her anyway. i thought she could help some of the younger girls with their crafts. i honestly think she enjoyed all the crafts and had just as much fun as the little girls. Although the majority of the crafts were intended for girls, the boys joined in to make gifts for little sisters, cousins and friends.

We started with the pop art necklaces! These were great! They were easy for the little girls to complete themselves, and they really got into personalizing them with the beads, stickers and coloring. This was a great project for everyone!

Our kit came with enough supplies that each little girl was able to make 2 necklaces, and a few let over for the boys. i managed to get a lot of pictures of the pop art necklace making, because this was one of the only crafts that the girls could do completely independently. After this, i had to put down the camera and assist in the crafting fun.

The fashion headband kit was really neat! It came 10 headbands, ribbons, feathers and accessories to decorate them. With the amount of kids we had (and the age) i knew there would be some fighting over some of the materials and decorations, so i provided some extra ribbon, feathers, glue etc so it wasn't an issue. This activity was a little difficult for the younger girls, and required some help from the parents. However, i really think the parents enjoyed this activity as much as the kids did. Several of the moms kept commenting on how cute the head bands turned out. The girls absolutely loved their head band, and were excited to wear them to school on Monday. Even one of the boys got in on the fun and turned an extra headband into a Indian headdress by gluing some feathers on it.

The fashion bracelets also required a bit of help from the parents. The box says ages 7 and up and i think that's pretty accurate. The girls that were 6 and under definitely needed some assistance with this project. The thirteen year old that attended our party really got into making the bracelets and was able to duplicate several of the designs that were on the box. This is a great mommy/daughter project or would be great for older kids to create on their own.

We took small break on the crafting to have a snack, and then decorate and eat some cupcakes. Then the kids headed outside to burn a little energy. :)

After some fun outside, we set to work decorating Stuck on Fashion tote bags. This was another really popular activity and one that the kids could do pretty independently.

It was really neat to see how focused they each became as they worked on personalizing their bag. The girls all seemed to really enjoy this one and they all loved the finished tote bags!

While the girls finished up their craft projects i filled up the goodie bags. Each child was able to chose a mini kit to take home, and a coloring/activity book. i also provided boxes of crayons, stickers, and extra goodies to fill up the bags. i LOVED getting to send each of our guests home with such a fabulous bag of goodies.

Here is my girl showing off some of her creations. i'm seriously kicking myself for not getting a group shot of all the girls with their creations. However by the end of the party we had little girls running wild everywhere, and had a hard enough time just rounding them up to pick their mini kits and gather up the crafts that they had made. It was just slightly chaotic and i was very thrilled when the last guest went home. :)

This truly was the best party we've ever thrown. All the parents seemed very impressed with the products and seemed to really enjoy participating in the crafts with their children. The feedback from both parents and children was very positive everyone loved it!

If you're interested in finding Creativity for Kids craft sets, you can check out the store locator to find out where to purchase them near you. They can also be purchased online, and i've seen them at both Micheal's crafts store and Joanne fabrics. You can also connect with Creativity for Kids on Facebook and twitter.

i wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to Momselect and Creativity for Kids for allowing us to host a Creativity for Kids party in our home. It was an wonderful opportunity, and amazing experience!

Disclosure – i was sent an in-home Creativity for kids party kit from Momselect and Creativity for Kids in exchange for hosting a party and sharing my opinion about the products. i received no compensation for my blog post and these are my own opinions and thoughts.


  1. Looks like such a great time!! We have tried a couple of their products and have enjoyed them. My kiddo is 8.

  2. That looks like so much fun... And right up my daughter's alley! We'll definitely check them out. :)

  3. so glad the party turned out so great! looks like fun......the tote bags look really cute.

  4. Wow, this party looks like so much fun. I wish we could have come. The craft party we went to that day was so lame. My kiddo wanted to go home after ten minutes. We would have had a great time at your house.


  5. Looks like a great time!!! We have purchased some of their kits and my girls LOVE them!!!! Reminds me to get some more for "rainy" days.

  6. What fun! I bet my Girl Scout troop would love something like this!! My girls are older, but it would be a great way to 'Be a sister to every Girl Scout' by having a party for a younger troop. We could pair the older girls up with the younger girls. I'll have to check into where to purchase these supplies!
    Melissa Sloniker