Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We're having a party!

This next weekend we are having a craft party at our house!! This party is sponsored by Momselect and Creativity for kids. i really like hosting the sponsored parties, because it's like a party in a box! Almost everything you need is included to have a fantastic party, plus we get to send our guests home with lots of fun goodies!!

We'll be providing some simple healthy snacks and cupcakes to decorate. We'll have a few games, but most of our time will be spend creating personalized headbands, jewelry and tote bags.

We were so excited when the box came!! It was packed full of fun craft sets that we'll get to do during our party.

The next day we received two more giant boxes!!!! These contained the mini kits, and other items that will be included in each guests goody bag!! These kits are really neat!

Here is an example of some of the fun crafts that we'll be doing during our party. The girls will each get to decorate a headband, bracelet, tote bag and make pop art necklaces. The goody bags will include one of the mini sets, either tie-dye headbands or feather trinket boxes. They will also get their choice of coloring/activity book (these are awesome!) . i already picked up some boxes of crayons from the 'Back to School' sales, so they will get a box of 24 crayons as well, and i'll add a few more goodies.

This will be Sage's first party and she is extremely excited!! i will be sure to post a few pictures and blog after the party! i know it's going to be a big hit!

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