Thursday, January 30, 2014

#Creativeeveryday Weekly Round up

i haven't gotten nearly as much crafting done as i had hoped, although i have made a point of doing at least a little every day. The kids were home from school all last week, and have only had school once this week, so it makes it hard to really focus on my work. 

i still managed to get a few things finished up, and some progress has been made on other things.

i finished up almost all the necklaces i had started.  i'm dying to put in a huge bead order, but am trying to make do with i have right now.  i need to sell a few things before i invest more money into it. :) i'm quite pleased with how they've been turning out.

The jewelry is all available for sale on my FB page. i forgot home much i enjoyed making marble wraps. It's been many years since i've done any real beading.

A couple weeks ago i played around in the glass shop. i only spent about an hour or so down there (it's col!), but made a couple leaf pendants that i thought turned out okay. 

i took my favorite pendant and made myself a necklace. This one contains red and yellow jasper and tigerseye. i plan to make the other into necklaces and give them as gifts. i don't have a real passion for the glass word, but do like the idea of making my own beads and pendants to incorporate into my jewelry.

Playing around with some different styles.

My plan has been to work on dolls,  but with the kids home because of the weather i haven't had much time to put into them.  On Monday, they were finally both back to school and i was able to get quite a bit of work done on this doll.  i'm really happy with how her face/head turned out but i really don't care for the body pattern.  i'm going to finish her up and then try something quite different for the next one. 

i was looking for some Valentine's day themed activities to do with kids and stumbled across one of my old blog posts where we made the valentine owls.   As soon as i saw them i knew i had to make ew ones. My boy didn't want the Valentine colors this time, so instead he got a snowy owl.

i'm really trying to get away from making the bendy dolls, but sometimes i just have to make some.  This batch of Valentine fairies are available on my FB page.

So this is what i've been working on these past couple weeks.  What type of creative projects is everyone else doing? #creativeeveryday


  1. Beautiful necklaces :)
    My favourite is the one with the leaf I love the earthy colours.

    1. Thank you, it is my favorite too! :)