Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hearts and Crafts Weekend. :)

i'm not usually one to make a big deal out of Valentine's Day, but this year i've been coming across some cool Valentine's projects. It all started with the Hanging Ice hearts. Then i came across an idea for heart crayons on this blog and knew we had to make some.

We used the same metal heart mold i used for the Hanging ice hearts. We dug through our basket of crayons and pulled out all the broken ones. Removed the papers and placed the broken chucks of crayon in each mold. i put different colored pieces in each one. Then baked them for about 4 min. at 300 degrees. Let them cool and poop them out of the mold. If they stick, put them in freezer for a bit.

We made lots and used up all of our old crayons. Sage was super thrilled with these.
This project was also featured here (with a really nice tutorial) as one of Gummy Lumps 300 crafts for kids. Almost every day they post a new preschool craft on their blog and also on their facebook page. If you post a picture of your completed project from their 300 crafts for kids on their facebook wall you are automatically entered to win craft supplies! So you might want to check it out, they have posted some really fun crafts!

i managed to finish up just one Valentine Princess this weekend. She is $15 shipped first class (US only). i also have a couple Valentine fairies in the works. Will be posting them in a couple of days. :)

While looking around for some weekend craft projects i came across a blog that was making felt owl Valentines. It was from a craft kit that you can purchase at Joanne's, with sticky backed felt that you would just stick together like stickers. My first instinct was to run to the store to buy a kit, but then i looked at my embarrassing pile of felt squares, and realized i could easily put together something similar using my felt scraps. i cut out the main body (x2), and then cut out different sized hearts and circles and let the kids design them and put them together. My boy requested the large heart for the face because he wanted his owl to be a Tyto Alba. :) i used a bit of felt glue to hold the pieces in place.

After the glue dried i stitched them together.

i decided to go with button eyes instead of the original felt, and absolutely love the way it turned out!! What a difference, eh? The entire thing is hand sewn in blanket stitch and stuffed with fiber fill. It took me freaking forever, but i love the results.

Sages came together a bit quicker. Isn't it freaking adorable?? :) She absolutely loves it. It was supposed to be for Valentine's day, but i let her take it to bed tonight.

We had so much fun with felt owls, that i pulled out our construction paper and cut out a few owl shaped valentines, then cut out different sized hearts, flowers and circles. i let the kids put them together using a glue stick. My boy wants to make these for his class Valentine's party. Sage really got into this project! She made 8 owls and wanted to make more. i know what we will be doing tomorrow. :)
i have a bunch more projects lined up for this week, so you'll be seeing many more hearts this week.

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    Those are freaking adorable. No lie. It puts our craft kit ones to shame! I sort of want to recreate them bigger as a stuffed animal for my kids, however, I'm sure mine wouldn't turn out quite as beautiful as yours has!

    I have crafters envy ! =) Thanks so much for sharing, darling!