Saturday, February 12, 2011

Owl Valentines

We had so much fun making Valentine owls last week, that i decided to revisit them and add a really basic template for those of you who needed one.

My son is making these for his school Valentine's party, so we have been very busy making them.

Miss Sage has really enjoyed making owls all week! My boy still needs to finish up a few more for his class party on Monday.

We had fun coming up with saying to put inside them. "Owl be your Valentine" Whhooo thinks your awesome?" "Give a Hoot for Valentine's day". :)

If you click on the image above, it should give you a larger picture that you can print out and then use as a template. If you want your owls to open up into cards, line the owl up so that the dotted lines on the left are on the fold. We cut two owl cards out of each piece of construction paper and then used the scraps to cut out the extra pieces.

i also couldn't resist making a hanging Valentine garland with owls and hearts. Sage made the owls for this, and helped me glue the hearts to the ribbon. :) It was hard to get a good picture of it, but i love it hanging here. i finally took down my gingerbread. :)


  1. My daughter loved the owls so much we made our version with google eyes for her class! She is also doing the borax crystal science project for her science fair :o) You should write a book !!Thanks for always sharing.

  2. These are so great! I love them. I love owls anyway and these are so much fun.
    thanks for the template!!

  3. These are adorable and I love you made it into a banner! We have a cute little owl pizza or owl T-shirt that would go perfectly with the theme :)