Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Bendy Dolls

i only have two new Valentine Bendy dolls to list, but wanted to give them their own post because they are just so darn cute.

So here is the newest Valentine girl. Her hair is a very dark brown, but not actually black like it looks. Her tights are white, red and pink striped. She has green eyes and heart shaped wings. :) $12 shipped first class (US).

This is my second Valentine Fairy. She has yellow hair, and blue eyes. Her tights are white, red and pink striped. Her dress is pink, and her heart shaped wings are red and white. :)
$12 shipped first class (US).

i already posted this Valentine Princess over the weekend, but wanted to include her with the Valentine group.

i'm loving the Valentine theme on these, and will be making a couple more today.
My girl has her heart set on one and so i'm going to make a special fairy for her and a little Heart Pocket from Living Crafts Blog to keep it in. How cute are those??


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