Monday, May 16, 2011

Husband's Shop Buddy.

My husband's glass shop is an incredibly small space. It was build onto the side of a garden shed, and is probably only around 8 x10. Once you add the work benches, and glass storage and a kiln. It becomes a rather claustrophobic space. You can really fit no more than two people in the space comfortably, although even that seems a bit cramped.

So i'm sure you can imagine the surprise of turning around to put some glass in the kiln and seeing this black snake hanging out underneath it.

The snake seems to like the heat from the kiln, and was probably feasting on mice...who are attracted by the chicken corn that is stored in the garden shed.

Here's my snake wrangling hubby trying to get the black snake out of his shop, while still holding the hot glass in his hand! He's holding a 'marble in the works' that is at least 1500 degrees.

It wasn't a very big blacksnake, compared to the ones we usually come across. Still a bit of surprise. Hubby released it, and we watched it sneak right back into his shop through a little hole in the bottom of the wall. ha ha.


  1. Quite amazing! he must be rather comfortable to have sneaked back.

  2. The snake must have found the perfect place! Toasty warm heat and an unlimited buffet.

  3. WoWza! That is a big snake to me! Now what?

  4. Amazing, and I am impressed you stayed around to photograph it. I would have been running fast in the opposite direction!

  5. LOL my hubby works in glass too and I am amazed he held onto the glass while that was going on!!!

  6. eeeeeeeeek! I fancy myself a pretty tough gal but I do. not. like. snakes!!!