Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coffee Filter Poppies .

In my last post, i mentioned that my poppies are blooming and the petals remind me of coffee filters. So Yesterday, Sage and i came up some really easy Coffee filter Poppies.

We decided to make simple poppies. We used
coffee filters
food coloring + water
black buttons
green pipe cleaners
and some sticks for added support.

i had considered making the centers a bit more detailed...with black construction paper behind the buttons, embroidery thread over pink buttons...but decided simple was best for Sage. After you make a few of these, you could easily make them more detailed if you really wanted to.

We've had thunderstorms the last couple days, so i apologize for my bad pictures. We depend mainly on the sun through sky lights for natural lighting, so when it is overcast my house is a bit like a cave. lol.

First thing you want to do, is get your petals ready for dying. We used bleached coffee filters. Fold in half, and pinch the center with one hand.

then using your other hand, scrunch and twist. You can't really do this wrong.

Once you have a bunch twisted, prepare your dye bath. We used about 1/2 cup water and 5-6 drops of red food coloring. Our flowers turned out a salmon color. You could get a more intense or lighter pink by adjusting the amount of food coloring you add. Dip each twisted coffee filter into the dye so it is saturated, then set them to dry (do not untwist yet). If you place them outside in the sun they will dry pretty quickly, if you dry them inside it may take a few hours.

Okay, don't laugh at my illustration. i couldn't get a good picture to show how to put them together, it's super easy but when i write it out it sound confusing. So hopefully this picture will help a little.
Once they are dry open them up. Stack two coffee filters on top of each other, and place a large black button in the center. Take your pipe cleaner and go through the back of the two filters, through one of the button holes, back through the other button hole and through the back of the coffee filter again (make different holes this time). Pull it tight against the button, and then twist the two pipe cleaner ends together.

The pipe cleaner isn't strong enough to hold up the flowers, so i picked up a couple thin sticks from the yard, and wrapped the pipe cleaner around it for support.

That's it! Your done! Make several and place them in a vase. You can play around with different shades of pink or red, use different colored buttons, use more coffee filter/petals to create different flowers...and just have fun! Younger kids will probably have a bit of trouble threading the button, but they can scrunch the petals and help to dye them. Older kids can make these with very little help.

For some more Coffee Filter flower inspiration check out The beautiful rainbow tie-dyed looking flowers over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree!! Also these fun ones using washable markers over at DLTK's crafts!
If you are really up for a challenge..check out these!! Wow!


  1. These are gorgeous! They look so REAL! What a great tutorial! We did coffee filters last week!

  2. Those are gorgeous Melissa! i just linked to them. :)

  3. I knew the moment I saw the title of your post that I would love it! Such beautiful poppies, great post!

  4. FABULOUS! I mean, the button center? PERFECT. We are so gonna make these. Thanks for the inspiration.


  5. what a fun craft idea, thanks for sharing this