Sunday, May 1, 2011

Folded tissue paper Butterfly

These butterflied are made using the Checkered fold.
For the butterflies, i layered the tissue paper to give it a multi-color look. First thing you want to do it cut your tissue paper into squares. i used 2 1/2" squares, but you could use 2" or 3", whatever works best for you. To layer the tissue paper, i use my stick and place a dot of glue in each corner of a square and then layer a different colored square on top. So you have two pieces of layered tissue paper, and the square has a different color on each side.

For the butterfly you will want one solid checker folded piece for the body, and 4 double sided checker folded pieces for the wings. i folded two with the light side up, and then flipped the the other two over and did them the opposite way.

For the butterfly wings, i fold the point down to give it a rounded look.

For the butterfly body, take your solid checkered fold piece and flip it over to the back side. Now fold in each side so it lines up with the center line and glue them down like pictured above. Click the picture to enlarge it.

Now arrange your wings, and glue the body on top.

That's it! Super easy, and very cute! You could add pipe cleaners or string to give it antenna if you wanted. These look fabulous in the windows. The shines through them and blends the colors together...but the checkered pattern is still visible.

i hope that want too confusing. i am not the best at explaining things, but hopefully the pictures will help walk you through!

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  1. Now, lets see if I can duplicate that! ha ha. I will try. Thanks for sharing the link, and your supportive comments.