Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slowly progressing.

Once again, i am way behind on posting. i have about 6 half written posts i just need to sit down and finish. After a week of beautiful weather, we are having a week of cooler temps and rain. So hopefully i can take this time to get caught up a bit.
i spent most of the last week trying to get my garden in, flower beds thinned out, and strawberries transplanted, but have come across a few road blocks. So it is still not entirely in. i know many of the locals around here don't even start planting until Memorial day, so i'm not behind quite yet...although it feels like it.
i haven't posted much on my doll progress, because they have been put aside for a bit while i focused on outside work...which just never seems to get done. i have been slowly working on a few new dolls though, and wanted to share.

This is my first attempt at a little boy doll. i really love the way he turned out. His hair was a huge pain to put in, and isn't 100% finished yet. The technique for doing the boys hair is much different than that for the girls, and much more time consuming. i doubt that i will be making very many boys, i may just save them for special order only. i already have this guy pictured as wearing a tie-dye t-shirt and blue jean bib overalls. i just haven't found the fabrics yet. He is made out recycled materials, and reclaimed yarn...and his clothing will be recycled as well.

i've just started getting into some of the handspun yarns that i got from my MIL. i didn't want to use them until i felt somewhat confident making the dolls. You can check out her Etsy shop here. She doesn't have any handspun yarns available on there yet, but my FIL makes weaving and spinning tools at a very affordable price out of reclaimed wood. So definitely check them out.

This is the dolly i made using the above yarn. She turned out quite cute. She still needs another layer of yarn in the back, so her hair will be a bit fuller. Still finishing her outfit as well, and trying to decide whether to make her a fairy or not.

This is my newest doll. i just whipped her up yesterday while we were getting a thunderstorm. This is going to be a new favorite style! i've always loved making mermaids and have made many different styles of mermaid dolls in the past, so this was an easy transition from the regular waldorf dolls i have been making. She is small only measuring around 8-9 inches long. Her hair is again handspun by my MIL. You can expect to see many more of these soon, in a few different sizes.

i would really love feedback on the dolls. What styles/colors do you like or not like? Do you like the funky colored hair or prefer the traditional hair colors/styles? Do you like the dolls to have an older look or prefer them to look like baby dolls?

i am really enjoying experimenting with the different styles and sizes. i am somewhat eager to get some finished and up for sale (so i can buy more materials!! lol) , but am really just enjoying the process of making each dolls, and the knowledge and experience i am gaining with each one.


  1. i love the little boy doll. you are right! the boy hair takes sooooo long to do. but i like the thickness in this yarn, what ply was it? with my boy i used a wispy alpaca and i sewn it down flat in tiny rows. painstaking. i like the 'shaggy look'. you are making me want to start another doll!!!!

  2. Thank you! The yarn is a thick single ply, it is re-claimed from a wool sweater i unraveled. i did the crocheted cap, and then latch hook method with his hair. i'm not sure which method would be easier. i sew down the girls hair in three separate layers. It is easier, but still not easy. lol.

  3. yes. since i went to wordpress, i cant get my email linked to the comments forum. which is good, cause i was getting tons of spam thru blogger.
    oh, the hair. its the best and worst part at the same time. cause with all the work, its the very last part of it and the doll doesnt really come to life until the hair is done. but it is an amazing feeling to make a doll isnt it!!! x

    ps. i would have came back here,,,to stare at your doll again ! :))

  4. I love the dolls! And I had to add that I also have fam in Borculo! (another connection we share...) ;)

  5. I love the boy doll. I guess being the mama of five boys makes me partial to them. I'm not so fond of the mermaid, but that's just me. Mermaids have never been my favorite thing. Maybe that's because of the boy thing as well. Even my one tomboy daughter, never played with dolls. The yarn looks beautiful.


  6. I love the boy doll. I was wondering maybe it would be easier to do the boys with some sort of like...apple jack hat or something on...maybe a knit beanie and then not alot of hair? I am really digging the dolls and would love to order one for my friends daughter towards the end of the summer!!!