Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend magic

This weekend we stayed at home. We didn't really do anything all that that special, and yet the weekend was very special..and full of fun, laughter and a bit of magic.

The kids are really getting into the finger knitting, and we've been coming up with some pretty cool things to do with all that knitting. i'll post about it later.

My poppies finally opened up. These are such gorgeous flowers!! The flower heads measure about 6-8 inches across! The petals remind me of coffee filters! i bet we could come up with a pretty fun Poppy craft using coffee filters. i think we'll work on that today. :)

My irises are in full bloom as well! i have irises in lots of colors, but these Japanese iris are my favorites.

Kids enjoyed a water balloon fight to help with the heat. We had thundershowers off and on, making it really humid in between.

With our low flow well, we can not run a sprinkler or fill up a big pool. So water balloons have to suffice. Kids got completely soaked, and there were lots and lots of smiles.

i managed to spot this very rare Rainbow Tailed Raccoon. It growled at me and ran off.

i caught another glimpse of it, hopping across tree stumps later in the day. :)

Also spotted a gnome in the garden.

Sunday we wrapped up our weekend with an after dinner walk down to the creek. The sun was just beginning to set, and it made for a cool and peaceful walk. We skipped stones and listened to the water rush past. Truly a wonderful weekend. i hope that yours was full of just as much fun and a bit of magic. :)


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  2. Oh, I didn't know that there are rainbow tailed raccoons in Virginia! Figures that you would see one, lucky!! :D

  3. love the poppy. We will be making some of those.
    And yes,. please do a post on what to do with all that finger knitting. My son is knitting any piece of string he can find!