Friday, April 17, 2009

Mei Li, Calliope and Sarafina

i finally finished the custum Chinese Waldorf style doll i have been working on for the past few weeks. i am quite pleased with how she turned out, and decided she really needed a little panda toy to go with her. This is only the second Waldorf style doll i have attempted. i was able to over come a few of the challenges i faced with my first doll, but then a couple of unexpected challenges pop up as well. All in all, i am very happy with her.

Although it's not very visable in the picture, i used a little pink mica powder on her cheeks. Her hair and slippers are made from wool yarn, and the panda is made using cotton and wool.

i am also in the process of finishing these three rag dolls that i have been working on.

This is Sarafina. She has on a basic pink/purple strip dress with spring butterflies. She will entually have bloomer and perhaps a bandana or tote bag.

This is Calliope. Her hair is a mixture of rainbow wool blend, and a deep midnight blue underneath. She is wearing a plain purple tunic, and a tie-dyed wrap skirt. She is still waiting on accessories, jewelry and more.
The last doll is still without a name, although she will get one as i finish the details of her and her personality becomes more obvious. i truly love adding all the little details that give these dolls their personalities. The rag dolls will be for sale soon on my website and/or Etsy.


  1. SWeet! I've been stopping by your old site from time to time over the past years and I'm so glad you have a blog now! First heard of you through Stichin Bitches/SBFC!!!!! Your boy was just a tot and I hadn't yet had my youngest. I'm still waiting for the PERFECT Tiemeyer(sp) glass pendant! Saw the Dead last weekend(sick!) in LA and Shakedown Street reminded me of the SBFC days! So here I am. And off I go to peruse your blog and Etsy! Take it easy and feel free to stop by my neck of the woods.
    Ah! I see you've met Stephanie!
    Dana (formerly akwyldwmn)