Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just for fun.

Just for fun this week, i decided to play around with felt foods again. Sage plays with her play kitchen and pretend foods so much that i'm constantly inspired to make her more. While browsing a toy website i came across a really cute stacking cake toy. So of course, i had to make one.

i was some what limited in my felt supplies, so this didn't turn out exactly how i was hoping. i would have liked the center to be a darker pink, and a bit larger. i didn't have quite enough felt to make it the size it needed to be, and i don't like the color much. However, we are snowed in once again, so i didn't have the option of running to the store (not like i ever do, living this far out) and i wasn't feeling particularly patient. So i went ahead and made it using scraps i had available. The cakes are removable, and stack on the those classic stacker toys.

As soon as i finished up the cake Sage requested a cupcake. So i did a quick search to get some ideas and came across this tutorial. i need to work on my icing a bit, but it turned out cute enough. Sage loves it and gave me a great big "Thank you mama!!" The cupcake tutorial, led me to the poptart tutorial...and of course, i had to make one of those too. :)

The poptart is by far, my favorite, even though those sprinkles took about an hour to sew on. :) It had strawberry filling (yes, i really put red felt inside). hee hee. i may have to make another.

Sage spent the day putting together a tea party, with her felt cakes and treats. After a while, she found a new use for them. She is dressed with felt cakes and a donut on her wrists and ankles. She is the Sugar Queen. Her words, not mine.


  1. love it.... all of it....period!

  2. Wow All of that looks amazing! You are very talented

  3. Wow!
    They look so beautiful....:)

  4. Thank you. i just picked up some new felt, and am planning to re-do the center ring of the cake. SAge loves it as is...but the purple ring seems really out of place to me.

  5. oh my goodness I absolutely love it! Especially the cupcake. Do you sell them? Very cute!

  6. These i just made for fun, i do occasionally have playfoods for sale in my etsy shop. Thanks for the kind words. :)