Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday updates

Happy Friday!

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Our tadpoles now have back legs!! They are just beginning to come in, but it is still very exciting. We also realized we have 5 tadpoles, not 4! :) One them is just really good at hiding.

Our Great Spangled Fritillary is still transforming within it's chrysalis, we are expecting it to emerge in the next week or so.

Garden update. Our spring garden is doing great, although the week of 80 temps caused all my spinach to bold. Now it has cooled down again, and my broccoli, kale and other cool weather veggies are looking quite happy. We picked our first ripe strawberry yesterday!

About 2 weeks ago, i won a Butterfly Garden, from InsectLore and Busy Mommy Media. It arrived on Tuesday, and the kids were super thrilled. It came with 5 live painted lady caterpillars that we get to watch grow and transform into butterflies. It included food for them, and the butterfly garden pop up enclosure. . It also came with a pretty cool catalog that the kids found more exciting that the caterpillars, temporarily. :) Lots of really cool educational bug stuff.
i'm surprised at how quickly the caterpillars are growing. They have tripled in size since in the last three days. i've been taking pictures daily, and will post a full blog following their transformation soon. We are blessed to live in a place where we find caterpillars to raise regularly, but for you folks who don't have access to them this really is a nice kit, and great way to share the incredible experience with your kids.

i hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. We are planning to spend most of the weekend shoveling manure and compost and putting in our summer garden. We had a pretty good frost a couple days ago, so i have not been overly eager to put plants in the ground yet. You can also expect that we'll be chasing butterflies and taking too many pictures as well.

Hope you weekend is just as blissful.


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