Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mermaid tales. :)

The other day we were at the store wandering through the toy isles. Sage was looking at all the dress up stuff, and she saw a Little Mermaid outfit/costume and quickly announced that she needed a Mermaid's tail. So i took a quick look at it's construction and then we headed over to the fabric department. i let her choose her fabric, she wanted purple of course.

Don't let her face fool you, she loves it! (just doesn't like mom always following her around with a camera! ha ha) This was really simple to make. The skirt is a wrap style, with the 'tail' sewn on the back. There are additional tulle fins, sewn on the front and back.

i may try getting better pictures a little later. This is the first thing i've sewn in quite a while, and although the tulle and the silky fabric (taffeta maybe?) were a pain to work with, it came out pretty good. i'm going to redo the waistband, and make it a faux wrap with an elastic waistband so it's easier for Sage to take on and off herself.


  1. How adorable!! You did a great job...and I love purple too. LOL I just made a post a couple weeks ago about always wanting to become a "mermaid" when I grew up. (tee hee) I really did want to too!

  2. Thanks! That's so funny! i did too! We had a pool when i was a kid, and i used to swim underwater pretending to be a mermaid. i used to have dreams about it too, living underwater and swimming with the fishies. ;)

  3. HAH! I did the same friend and I swore we would become mermaids one day. LOL

    Here's the post I made about was actually a "prelude" to a giveaway I was going to be doing. LOL

    A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

  4. ooooo Sage is soo cute! What a great mermaid tail!!!!
    Can you believe our babies are going to be 4 soon!!!!