Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Giant Bubbles!

Have you ever seen those gigantic bubbles at shows or festivals and wondered how they were made? i recently came across a tutorial on The Childhood Magic website, and knew we had to make a giant bubble wand.

These are extremely easy to make, and so much fun! The kids have spent hours outside making bubbles. My boy is quite good at making some monstrously huge one, and my girl is extremely good at popping them. :)

i can give you a brief explanation on how they are made, and you can check the tuorial above for picture and more description if you need it. They are honestly very simple, and can be made with a few basic supplies.

You'll need 2 wooden dowels.
2 screw in eye hooks.
100% Cotton cord or yarn.
a metal washer or addition eye hook to use as a weight.

So all you do is screw an eye hooks into the end of each dowel. Then cut two pieces of the cotton cord, around 35" for the top piece, and 70 " for the bottom. i didn't actually measure mine, just guesstimated. You can really make them any size you like. You just want to make sure the bottom piece is twice as long as the top.
i could not find the cotton cord suggested in the original tutorial, but did have 100% cotton yard. i did a quick chain stitch to make a crocheted cotton cord and it worked fine. If you don't know how to crochet, you could braid the pieces so they are a bit thicker and heavier than a single piece of yarn.
Now tie the shorter piece of yarn to the eye hooks, connecting them and then slip the washer/eyehook/weight onto the longer piece and tie it to the eye hooks under the top cord.

That's it! Now dip it in your bubble solution ( We used dish soap and water) and have fun!!

i could take pictures of these all day! They are so much fun, and each one seems bigger and more amazing than the one before it.

It took my boy a little while to get the hang of it, but then once he got it he was a bubble making expert. We figured out that if you gently bring the ends of the wand together, it will cut off the bubbles. So you can make 3 or 4 giant bubbles that float away with just one dip in the bubble solution.

Miss Sage wasn't quite big enough to do these. i think our dowels were a bit too long. So i'm going to make another wand for her that has smaller dowels, and a bit less yarn so that she can make them too. She had just as much fun chasing and popping the bubbles.

i tried getting a picture looking through the giant bubbles as they are being created. This picture doesn't do justice, it really looks very cool as the bubble grows and grows. It even looks neat when they pop.

Check this link for some addition homemade bubble recipes.

If you like bubbles, you absolutely must try this! Happy bubble blowing!


  1. wow, those are great, amazing photos x

  2. Wow, your son looks like a bubble expert! How beautiful.

  3. Would you mind if I use one of your photos and share a link to your blog? Looks like so much fun...and I want to share this, until I have made ours and taken our own photos!