Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend Adventures; Fairy Stone State Park.

This past weekend, we took the kids swimming at Fairy Stone State Park.
Fairy Stone is the largest of the original six state parks that opened in 1936, and is home to the mysterious "fairy stones." Fairy stones are prevalent in the region, which also features beautiful scenery, rich history and ample recreational opportunities. The rare staurolite stones are found elsewhere but not in such abundance as at Fairy Stone State Park.prevalent in the region, which also features beautiful scenery, rich history and ample.

We visit at least once a year, but have never found a Fairy Stone. We have never really looked though. We usually come to swim, and occasionally hike a trail or two. The Stones are found at the southeastern end of the park in a designated Fairy Stone hunt site.

The kids love Fairy stone for the swimming area. i'll admit, i'm not a fan of public swimming pools or beaches. However, Fairy Stone beach is really fun for the kids. It has large floating lily pads, a turtle, beaver and snakes for the kids to climb and play on. There is a small water slide, and a tree shaped water fountain. The water in the childrens area is very shallow, and there is always a life guard on duty. There is also a regular swimming area for everyone else.

After swimming we took a paddle boat ride around the lake.

There are several log cabins on the water that you can rent.

view of the Amphitheater from the water.

The lake was quite peaceful, and we enjoyed exploring. The kids took turns helping dad paddle, and i got to sit back and enjoy the ride. :). After the paddle boat, Kenan took the kids back into the water to swim.

i wandered about taking pictures.

i'm not sure what type of Dragonflies these are, but they were flying all over by the water. There were at least two or three of each kind. i spent quite a while sitting on a little bench watching them.
i was a bit disappointed that we didn't get a chance to hike while we were there. It really was too hot for it though. i'm looking forward to exporing some new parks and trails this fall, when the leaves are changing and it not quite so hot. Perhaps we'll come back just to hike, and look for Fairy Stones.

May the charms of the Fairy Stone make you blessed

Through the days of labor and nights of rest

Where ever you stay, where ever you go.

May the beautiful Flowers of the good Fairies grow.



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