Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bendy dolls for sale.

i have been busy this week making bendy dolls. None of these girls have names yet, but my girl has been dying to name them... so she will probably get to do that some time this week.

i am still working on pricing info. Right now i'm pricing them at $10 each shipped first class (more for priority). That price is for the doll only, no accessories. Chances are, one i actually add up my time and supplies (mainly time), the price may go up a this is my introductory price to see if there is going to be any interest. i'm offering them here and on my facebook fan page, and will eventually be putting them on etsy. So if you see something that interests you, you'll want to snag it quick! :)

i will be offering a few playsets and accessories. i have toad stools in small and large, bakers sets, tea party sets and 'under the sea' sets....accessories similar to what i made my daughter. Again, i'm still working out the pricing on this stuff, so if you have an interest just inquire...i'd be happy to work with you.

i will also consider some trades. Especially pottery, handmade soap and natural/waldorf style toys. :)

Blue haired mermaid. 3 1/8" tall.

Holiday Elf in red and green. Hat is removable, but can be sewn on if preferred.

One of my favorite right now. Earth Fairy with auburn hair and large wings.

Another favorite, blond haired forest gnome. She is adorable! My first attempt at a embroidered leaf on her skirt. Hat is removable, but can be sewn on if preferred.

Lastly, another little mermaid with a felt 'shell' top. The pink sea anemone is an example of one of the accesories i can make for the mermaids. i can also do the sleeping bags/pillows like i made for my daughters playset. You can check this post to see what i'm talking about.

i have the materials to make a few more, but then i really need to sell one or two so i can order some more materials! Come on now, help feed my addition. :)
What would you like to see? What are your favorite color set ideas? i would also love some feedback.


  1. I love them! How fun for little kiddos! Great Job!!!

  2. They are gorgeous and I would love the mermaids for my girls stockings on Christmas morning. I always imagine making such things myself, ut never seem to have the time - sigh.
    Anyway I would like to buy them but I live in Switzerland. Is posting abroad going to be a problem. I totally understand if it is, but if not please pm me with the payment details - fiona AT truffy DOT com

    Thanks, and thanks for sharing your wonderful creations

  3. tree....they look great. i hope you sell them all!

  4. If I wasn't making my own... I'd be grabbing those cuties up!!they are all so adorable!!!

  5. hee hee Michele, i've hearing that from everyone. That's what i get for posting a tutorial. lol. ;)

    Fiona, i'll send you a personal!

  6. Tree I would love the fairy with the green dress exactly as pictured with the mushrooms, bowls, etc. How much for the whole thing? Also would you consider a trade for candles, bowl covers, snack bags or sandwich wraps for part of the cost?