Sunday, November 7, 2010

a couple more...

i have a bunch of unfinished posts that i've started and saved but can't seem to finish. It's been especially cold and i've been feeling quiet, withdrawn and reflective. i've been creating like crazy. Working on holiday gifts and bendy dolls.

i had my first bendy doll sales over the weekend. The two blue haired Mermaids are now on their way to Switzerland. The Holiday Elf and Earthy Fairy are heading to New York and the Green and Yellow Fairy is heading to New Jersey. :) Starting Monday, i'm charging $12 on these. i forgot to figure in the cost of bubble envelopes and paypal charges..yikes. If i start listing them on etsy, i may have to bump it up a bit more.
i'm considering trying out Artfire and sharing a shop with my husband's glasswork. He sells enough to justify the monthly fee, and then i don't have to worry as much about the extra charges for each sale which really add up if you sell alot. i'd love to hear some opinions on What do you like/dislike and how it comparable to Etsy?

Anyhow, here is a few more i've recently finished.

Little gnome girl in blue and purple with braids. She's a shorty 2 3/4". $12

Gnome girl with oversized hat. Her hat goes down to right above her eyes. i pulled it up a bit for the picture. i think it's super cute when it pushed down a bit more. $12

My new favorite is the Woodland Elf Queen. i always end up with a terrible glare, but you get the idea. $15

i paired the Elf Queen with this little Woodland man and baby. He has a tiny messenger bag and walking stick. This is my favorite set so far...not totally sure i can let it go. hee hee. This set with the Elf king and queen, baby and 3 toadstools is $35.

i just picked up some more head beads, but am running really low on embroidery floss. So i'll be working on a few more of these this week, hopefully a wizard and perhaps a knight. Those i'm not sure i have the right colors for those. i think i really like the larger eyes, and am going to be experimenting with some different bigger eyes on the next few. i also have a lot of wool roving that i could use as hair on a few, and flower petal skirts which i've done in the i'll have something new to post in couple days.

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  1. These are beautiful!
    I love the blue girl ;)
    I haven't heard of Artfire before so I can't even give you any feedback.
    But I will be checking it out in a few seconds.
    Good luck with your babies they are a Christmas dream come true for any kid!