Thursday, November 11, 2010

stuck in creativity mode and starting to panic. :)

Is it really November already?? Yes, i am already starting to panic. My folks will be here for Thanksgiving, which is only what...about two week away? Crap. i've been working on handmade gifts for my kids, but haven't started anything for anyone else yet. i was also hoping to stock pile some of my bendy dolls and accessories to set up at a local craft show. If you follow along on facebook none of these are new to you, but for everyone is what i've been working on this week.

Unicorns, horses and Pegasus. i haven't made a Pegasus yet, but it's my next project. :)

The perfect size for the bendy dolls. Still finishing the details on these, but can't resist sharing.

i keep getting myself sucked into these projects that take way longer than they should. This dragon is an example of that. Sewn entirely by hand with the blanket stitch. This my own pattern, like the unicorn above.

Here it is almost finished, and a second one already started.

After making my boy the wizard a few weeks ago, he put in his request for a dragon, King Arthur and his knights. So this is the beginning of that project. i alway love to make my kids homemade gifts for Yule, and i know he's going to love these!

i still need to sew the crest on the horses blanket, and add the eyes etc to the horse. i'm not sure i like how the knight turned out. His helmet was kind of a pain and looks rather awkward. So i may attempt something different with the next one.

Here's another one of those projects i jumped into and it ended up taking much longer than i intended. The tree house is hand stitched, and if make more of these i may sew them on the machine to save some time, and then just do the detailing by hand. There's always a horrible glare on my dolls making them look as though they only have one eye. :) She really does have two!

The roof is removable and gives better access to the little home.

Little bed of leaves and a few home making accessories.
i love this set and really hope i can put together a few more before the holidays!

i don't like this time crunch feeling, especially when i'm feeling so creative and wanting to get more made! i'm going to have to start putting some thought into holiday gifts for the family and taking a bit of a break these.

If you are interested in any of the dolls or sets that i've been posting, just send me an email at enchantedtree (at) hotmail. com


  1. Holy Cow Tree!!! I am in love with that fairy house set!!! Love Love Love!

  2. I am totally in love with the dragon and the unicorn.
    Hmm, might have to e-mail you about some more felt pieces in the New Year (when you have more time).
    Will let you know when the mermaids arrive safe and sound in Switzerland - we are super excited about them!

  3. Totally amazing! I love them all. You inspired me to try my hand at making a bendy doll using your tutorial. It was the first time I've tried sewing and my bendy girl is a far cry from your lovlies! Maybe I'll make one more attempt. Thanks for posting the tutorial.

  4. Wow!! These sets are so awesome!!I just did a craft show today, now it is done I can start on the Holiday list I must tackle.I am feeling the panic too!!Seeing how fast you get these projects done I am sure you'll accomplish it all and more!

  5. What boy would not enjoy hours of fun with that dragon and knight and horse. They are incredible!

  6. Could you tele me how you made the dragonwings bend the way they do, and howthey are fastend to the dragon. Im trying to mke one like yours for my sons birthday next week.
    Thank you for wonderfull inspirtion!

    1. There is a pipe cleaner sewn into the top of the wing and then the wings are just sewn on. :)

    2. Thank you so much, I would never have thought of that. I love youtube blog.
      Kind regards

  7. How many layers of felt did you use to make the walls of the house? I tried to make a mushroom shaped one, but it's too floppy.