Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Artist feature: Christine Schreier The Puppenstube

Artist feature: Christine Schreier The Puppenstube

i was recently introduced to the magical work of Christine Schreier through the Livingcrafts.com blog. She makes the most beautiful Waldorf dolls and Gnomes. Her Ore gnomes were recently featured in Living Crafts Magazine and you can find a pattern and tutorial for making your very own Ore gnome in the fall 2010 issue. Christine has a online store where she sells the most beautiful dolls and gnomes made in the Waldorf fashion.
Her shop is called The Puppenstube.

About a week or so ago Living Crafts posted a chance to win one of these fabulous Gnomes. i completely adore these so i jumped at the chance to try and win one! When i saw the amount of people who had entered i realized i had very little chance of winning. However, i kept my fingers crossed and held onto a bit of hope.

To celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christine generously decided to giveaway all of the Ore Gnomes she had in stock instead of just the one gnome she had originally offered. When i first saw the blog explaining that there would be 11 winners i became extremely hopeful again! As i began to scan the names of the eleven winners i started to lose that hope as i read down the list. Then, i saw my name listed as the very last of the 11 winners. You truly can not believe my excitement!

This is the fabulous little ore gnome that we received. He is already making himself at home in our felt tree stump house. Christine could not have chosen a more perfect gnome.
Sage's favorite colors are pink and purple!

She completely adores him and has been carrying him everywhere with her. The craftsmanship on this little gnome is wonderful. They are adorable in pictures but so much more fabulous when you can hold it in your hands. He is squishy, lovable, and fits in perfectly with our household. If you are a gnome lover these Ore gnomes are a must have!!

All of Christine's dolls are wonderful. Some of my favorites include Mother Earth and the Earth children as well as the Wichtelmen (love these!!). She also makes Flower children, Flax Lavender dolls / gnomes, finger puppets, and beautifully crafted dress up dolls.

Her online store, The Puppenstube, carries a wonderful selection of Waldorf Dolls and beautiful wooden crafts including handcrafted gnomes/fairy houses and Buntspechte Figures.

Christine has been creating and selling her beautiful Waldorf dolls for 30 years.
You can connect with her on facebook.
Be sure to visit her website and join her newsletter for the latest news and products.

Right now, Christine is offering a 30% discount on all items is stock.
The coupon code for it is 303030 .

Also, if you are not already familiar with Living Crafts magazine you must check it out!!
You can subscribe to this wonderful magazine here.
Follow their blog here and connect on facebook here.

A huge thank you to Living Craft Magazine for hosting this giveaway, and to Christine for her amazing kindness and generosity!
i do hope you'll take the time to check out both of these wonderful websites!


  1. lucky tree! i love puppenstube! i entered that giveaway also....you won the best color combo....love his beard! nice artist feature....her stuff is unique and beautiful.

  2. I have that issue of Living Crafts and have that marked as a project to due in the new year!!!! I just love her stuff!!! Lucky Sage for having her own!

  3. What a talented mama! These are adorable! Love them!

  4. What an Amazing artist!!!!!! I just spent some time wandering through her website. LOVE the goodies offered!!!!!!!!! :O)

  5. Both you and Christine are very talented mamas. I can't believe how beautiful everything is.