Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Snow of the Season.

Yesterday just after i filled up all the bird feeders and put out our birdseed cakes, it began to snow. It snowed, and it snowed and it's still snowing. i couldn't have picked a better day to fill up the feeders.

Purple finch and Amercan Gold finch have been flocking to the feeders. This was taken just a couple of hours after i put out our birdseed cakes.

The kids of course, couldn't wait to go outside and play! So we dug out all of our winter gear, bundled up and headed outside.

We made snow angels.

Threw snowballs.

Went sledding down the front hill.

and the snow kept coming down.

and down.

and the more snow that fell, the more birds appeared.
Here is a Cardinal and a White throated Sparrow.

This is the first woodpecker of the season!! See him on the side of the post? i think it is a downy woodpecker, but i'm not certain. The one of the top of the house is a dark eyed junco.

and winter begins.

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  1. That first picture with the birdies is so sweet!!They are all lined up for you! Thanks for the recipe for the bird seed cakes. My Grandmother has a suet cage outside her window, I can't wait to make her a bunch. She loves watching the birds, especially in the winter.Of course you kiddos are mighty cute too ( lol) looks like they had a blast!