Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Snow Kingdom.

This is just a teaser i guess, because these are not really available. i had so much fun with my Winter snow queen, that i knew i had to make more in the same wintry theme.

i'm not ready for winter at all, i haven't taken down my Autumn nature table yet...but after making the snow Queen i started to picture lots of different icy/snowy bendy dolls.
The first is this lovely Ice Fairy. She has lots of icy looking glitter on her wings.

i decided she really needed a matching Unicorn with an icy mane. The yarn i used the mane and tail is an icy blue with a strand of silver running through it. The horn is created from a silver ribbon, and there is a bit of glitter on the hooves.
This set is already sold, but i couldn't resist posting pictures of it.

i also decided our Winter Snow Queen, needed a Winter King. i just finished him up this evening, and i will probably make him a staff similar to the Snow Queen's tomorrow.
He has lots of glitter on his crown and cape. He is $15.

Wouldn't they look lovely on a winter nature table?

Although the icy fairy is sold, i do plan to make a few more that are in the same wintry theme. ..along with some gnomes and maybe knights? i may have to make another Winter King and Queen too...although i'm not sure i'll have them for sale...i'm very tempted to keep them for myself! :)

Have you entered to win the Winter Snow Queen yet? The giveway ends on the 7th so be sure and enter!!

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  1. I love them already- and will have a hard time parting with them when they arrive. BUT I love Ady, my niece will LOVE them soooo it won't be to hard to send them on to her imagination fairy land!! :) Thank you Tree!!