Friday, March 4, 2011

Beginning my journey into doll making...

Today i received my doll making materials in the mail. Lots of beautiful clean, carded wool stuffing. Several varieties of Mohair and Boucle yarn for hair.

A variety of 100% cotton Interlock knit in several different skin tones.

Last week i had mentioned to my MIL about possibly having her spin yarn for doll hair. She was really excited at the idea, and immediately sent out this amazing box of handspun wool yarns. Wow! i love the idea of purchasing my yarn from her, and i plan to 'hire' my SIL to knit sweaters for the dolls once i really get into making them. i'm really hoping that this is something i will be doing for a while.

So i posted a picture of this girl almost completed a few days ago. i ended up adding wings and a wand. :) i absolutely love the way she turned out. i hadn't intended to use felt for the wings, but didn't have a cotton fabric in colors that matched. The felt is a dark pink that matches the streaks of pink in her hair, not red like it kind of looks. i decided to leave her with the acrylic hair. i figure i can make some dolls true Waldorf, with all natural matierals and also make a few that are Waldorf style...maybe using reclaimed fabrics, and yarns that may contain some acrylics.

i finally finished up this girl too. Again i decided to keep her hair. She was just way too cute, and i haven't had much luck finding the same color varieties in wool locally. i had a really hard time making the clothing for her, in fact i made three different dresses, before deciding she just really wasn't a dress girl. Her pants are made out of corduroy scraps, and her top is made from felt. The sweater is crocheted from a wool blend, and the buttons came off of a wool sweater i'm planning to re-purpose. So both of these dolls were entirely made from scrap material i just had sitting around.

This week i will begin starting on dolls with my new fabrics and materials. i'm both nervous and excited.


  1. Those are fabulous! Please Please Please post when you are ready to let some of these beauties go to be sold!!! I love the one with the pink colored hair :)

  2. They are adorable!! I so want one :)

  3. they are so cute! I'm always looking for people to feature on my blog, are you interested?

    Veelana (fellow dollmaker)

  4. Tree~ The dolls are beautiful!