Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dwarf Grey Peas

This year we grew Dwarf Grey peas. They are an heirloom variety, tolerant to both heat and cold and known for their edible leaves and stems. This is our first year growing these, and the one thing that really stands out about them are the beautiful pink purple flowers.

In past years, i haven't really paid that much attention to what i've been growing. i just pick up what ever seeds are available at the local farm store. This year i've been trying to pay better attention to what i'm planting. i even made a chart of my garden and wrote down exactly what i planted, because i know from experience the dogs will steal all my plant markers and i'll forget what varieties i planted. i'm hoping to document which varieties do well, and which don't. Which ones have the best flavor, are best for freezing, canning etc.

The dwarf grey grew much larger than i expected. The package said they grow to 2.5-3 feet and do not need to be supported. i planted mine along a fence any way and they grew well over the top of the fence, and are around 4-5 feet high and still growing.

They are a very prolific variety of pea, and are loaded with peas and blooms. They showed no sign of stress last week when our temps were in the 90's. It's almost the end of June and they are still producing extremely well.

The dwarf grey are snow peas. So they are picked when the pods are still flat, and the peas have not fully developed. We love them fresh, steamed and sauteed. i use them in soups, stirfrys or alone as a side dish. The kids graze on these all day. Every time we are outside Sage sneaks over and picks peas to much on.

Honestly, i wasn't that impressed with the taste. i usually get sugar snaps, which are a bit more flavorful. i wouldn't say these are bad, they are just a little less sweet and a bit more starchy. However, for me, the flowers totally make up for any lack of sweetness. i also love the way these peas are totally thriving in this crazy heat, and are so abundant. If you are new to growing peas, the dwarf grey is a very easy to grow, hardy, disease resistant variety.
i'll definitely be growing these again.

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