Sunday, June 26, 2011

Red Hill General Store

i wanted to share with you a really cool little store called Red Hill General Store that i just found this past weekend. It is surprisingly close, in Hillsville VA, which is the closest town too us actually a couple miles closer than Floyd!). i'm surprised it has taken us this long to find it! Red Hill General store has a large selection of whatever you need, seriously!
They have farm and tractor supplies, canning supplies, hardware, old time candies, wooden toys and glass bottled sodas. They are very big on supporting local, and you’ll find locally made textiles, handmade soaps, honey, teas, jams and jellies. i was also impressed with their selection of Burt's Bees products and organic lotions, soaps and shampoos.

Red Mill General Store carries a full selection of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange Organic garden seeds. This is a local seed company out of Central Virginia, run by the folks over at Acorn Intentional Community. They have a wonderful selection of organic, heirloom and ecologically raised seeds. You can get a free seed catalog from Southern Exposure here.
Right now,the Hillsville Red Mill General store has all of their Southern Exposure seeds marked down to $1 a pack!

i picked up several packs of seeds including, Royalty Purple pod Bush beans (which i'd been having trouble finding), Rainbow Swiss Chard and Autumn Beauty Sunflowers. i am going back this week to stock up on some more seeds.

They also carry a nice clothing line, with your typical brands like Carhartt and Columbia. However, i also found the most unbelievably soft organic hemp/cotton t-shirts for around $12 each (on my wish list right now!) They also have beautiful Hemp and classic Rainbow sandals, and a small selection of childrens clothing.

So if this little store isn't cool enough already...

All Summer, they are hosting FREE Drive-In movies on Friday nights at 9pm!!

July 1st. Back to The Future
July 8. Mclintock (starring John Wayne)
July. 15. Cartoon Night (Bugs bunny, Tom and Jerry, Roadrunner etc)
July 22. Rescue from Gilligan's Island
July 29. Smokey and the Bandit

They'll have glass bottled sodas and old timey candy for purchase, along with popcorn ($1) and cotton Candy ($1.50). You can bring a lawn chair or blanket and sit out under the stars or you can enjoy the movie from the comfort of your car. They'll have a radio station available for those watching in their cars.

If your not local to here, you can still shop Red Hill's online catalog for all your farming/canning/gardening needs.
You can also connect with Red Hill General Store on facebook and you can follow their blog here.
Red Hill General store has two locations. The one here in Hillsville VA, and also one in Raleigh NC.

As you can tell, i'm really excited to have found this awesome little treasure of a store and to share it with all of you.
If you are local to the area or just stopping through, you'll want to take a peek inside this fun little general store. If you come out on a Friday night, you can look for us sitting around munching some popcorn and enjoying a drive-in movie!


  1. I have been trying to find the "Purple Hull Peas" which my in-laws call them (Purple Bush Beans) for some time now with no success! I will have to check out the catalog you mentioned!

  2. Thanks so much for blogging about us!!!

  3. seed savers has them, bakers creek does too. :)

  4. Tracy, i'm not sure the Purple Bush beans are the same as Purple Hull peas. SESE does have two varieties of purple hull pea (cowpeas) as well purple bush beans.

    Red Hill, you are totally welcome! We loved your store! i'll be back this week for more seeds and one of those super soft hemp shirts. :)

  5. my buddy Em told me ages ago, you can make a pretty strong dye from purple hulls.....I love them so much!!! yum! Are purple bush beans like green beans? I have bush beans started.
    Sounds like you found a real gem Tree!

  6. Yep Val, the purple bush beans are just like green beans, but bright purple. They turn green when you cook them.

  7. I love little local stores like this!