Friday, July 29, 2011

Refrigerator dill pickles

Now that the garden produce is really beginning to flow in, canning season is here. To be completely honest though, with the heat and humidity as bad as it has been this year...i have zero desire to spend my day in a hot kitchen canning. We do not have air conditioning, and my kitchen gets extremely hot while cooking/ canning as you can probably imagine.

After the rain this past weekend, my fridge became completely overrun with cucumbers. Every time i step outside i find 3-4 more hiding under leaves. We've been eating fresh cucumbers with every meal, but still can't keep up with them. So i knew it was time to make pickles.

Last year, i tried my friend Danielle's recipe for refrigerator pickles and my family absolutely loved them! This is a no cook, no process recipe that is perfect to make when it's too hot to pull out the canner. It's easy to follow and is great for those first time pickle makers. These pickles are kept in the refrigerator, and they stay crisp and fresh tasting. The longer you let them sit the stronger the flavor gets. YUm.

The recipe makes 1 gallon of pickles. i split mine into 4 quart jars, so that i could keep a couple jars in the fridge and give a couple a way.

i'll be making cooked pickles again this year as soon as it cools down just a bit. i'm still searching for that perfect pickle recipe. Last year i tried several, and they all came out too mushy or they didn't have the greatest flavor. If you have a favorite pickle recipe i would love to hear it!


  1. sounds good-- do you make lacto-fermented pickles?? my kids love those and they are so easy. :)

  2. ooooh, I'm giving this one to my husband. He's the pickler.
    It looks great.

  3. Dakota took a class last year in the fall where they made refrigerator pickles. It was fun and very easy. I recently cleaned out the refrigerator and found them. No body in my family will eat them.


  4. This is a great recipe and like Teresa, I am going to share this why my husband; he too is the pickler in our family. :) :) GREAT post!!! xoxo --Kim

  5. I made these last summer with my very bitter cucumbers, I am pretty sure you sent me the link to Danielle's recipe Tree. They were the BEST pickles, super easy recipe and I hope we get enough pickles to make them again!

  6. Hi Tree! This comment has nothing to do with pickles (though I am wishing that I had seen this about two weeks ago!!), but about the fact that this sure is a small world! I live down the mountain from you (we "met" somehow online...maybe mothering forums?) and I saw your blog back then. Fast forward a couple years or so....I just popped on "anaturalprocess" blog --in japan-- and saw she had a link to your blog!
    Ha! So, hello again from Ferrum and enjoy the rest of your summer!