Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birthday Waldorf Doll

My daughter's birthday is coming up quickly, and i really wanted to make her a new doll this year. Although my girl has never really gotten into dolls, every once in a while she will get out the dolls i've made her and dress them up, or undress them, line them up and play with them for a bit. So even though i know a new doll isn't top on her list, it is the gift i wanted to give to her.

i actually made this doll body awhile ago, but have had a very difficult time finding the yarn i wanted for it. i'm constantly browsing the beautiful yarns on etsy, but everything i love is about $30+ dollars for about 45 yards. i need around 100, for a full head of hair. :(

So when i came across this lovely Berroco yarn that had been discontinued i snatched it up immediately. It was almost exactly what i had been looking for. Not quite 100 yards, but if i made the dolls hair a tiny bit shorter than i was originally planning it would work.

i'm pretty pleased with the way she turned out. i still have a few issues with her that are bugging me, but i'm not going to change anything. It just means i know how to make the next one better.

One of my biggest struggles with making dolls is the clothing. i never use patterns (although i probably should) and i can never find the *perfect* fabrics to use. i think actually picking the fabrics is the hardest part for me.

So while i was staring at the naked dolly trying to imagine an outfit for her....i remembered one of Sage's baby dresses that i had saved. So i pulled out the bin of old baby clothes and was thrilled to find it, and a couple of other dresses that fit the doll. This is the one i had remembered. i just added a ribbon tie string in the back and it fits the new doll perfectly. i crocheted her a pair of shoes and i want a new B-day crown for Sage and a matching one for the doll. :) i also hope to make her a handful of outfits, wings, some underpants and a sweater....but i feel like she is done enough that i don't have to stress about it now. yay!

This is my sneak peek. i'll post a picture of her complete, with full outfit/outfits when it's done.

i had put these dolls on hold while i was working on a few other projects, but am feeling like i'm ready to pick them up again.


  1. She's so wonderful!!! I love that hair too. It reminds me of those really great and expensive Picollo dolls hair.
    Great gift for your lucky girl!

    1. Aww...thanks. :) Yeah, this style of hair is really popular with a lot of the doll makers these days. i absolutely love it, but it's so expensive. That's one of the reason the doll are so pricey. i need to learn to spin my own so i can make sure and get exactly what i want. i tend to get these ideas in my head, and then i can't finish the doll until it looks exactly like i have it 'pictured' in my mind. :) Thanks for still stopping by blog, i think your my only reader! ha ha. :)