Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fun Halloween Foods

 i always enjoying making fun foods for kids during the holidays.  i used to get a lot of ideas from Family Fun magazine, but there are also a ton of amazing ideas on pinterest! Here are a few of the things we made for Halloween.

Mummy dogs are always a favorite. These are 'veggie' dogs wrapped in crescent roll dough.  Very easy to make, and the kids love them.  i use mustard to make the eyes, then they dip them in (catsup) blood.  Spooky!


 Kids decorated the cupcakes, i did the cake. :)

 i found the frozen banana/yogurt ghost idea on pinterest.  These are just bananas cut in half, then sliced the long way, insert a stick, dip in vanilla yogurt and freeze on parchment paper. i used some candy sprinkles for the faces.  Very easy, pretty healthy and the kids loved them.


i found several recipes for witch finger cookies, but these were my favorite! These are unbelievably simple to make. The cookie is just a basic shortbread... flour, butter, sugar and vanilla.  Whole almonds are used as the fingernails. You can find the original recipe here.

Aren't they great!?! :)

i had a whole bunch of fun ideas pinned over at pinterest, but never made it to the store (story of my life) to get the ingredients for most of them. We still have plenty of fun treats to make the day special.  :)


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