Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rainbow Window Star Giveaway!

i'm giving away a Rainbow Window Star over on my Facebook page.  You can visit this link and enter under the picture. To enter you have to like my page, share the post and comment!  The giveaway is ending this weekend, and if i can get 100 shares, i'll giveaway a second star and a matching rainbow bendy doll.

If you are not on facebook, don't worry i will post a giveaway on the blog for one very soon.

i am also offering the Rainbow Window Stars for sale now. i never really thought about selling them, but had several people inquire after i posted the giveaway.

 So they are available for $12 shipped first class (US) or two for $20. 

After browsing etsy to see what the average price is of a Rainbow Star, i was a bit surprised to see folks selling the kite paper hearts, butterflies and dragonflies i created free tutorials for a few years ago. i designed them and created the tutorials so that folks could make their own, it never occurred to me that i should be selling them too!
Silly me. So, now i'm offering them for sale as well.  The hearts are sold in a set of 4 for $12 shipped first class (US). i can do them in red, pink or white.

Butterflies and dragonflies are 2 for $12 or 4 for $20 shipped first class (US). Lotus flowers are $12 each shipped first class (US) . 

Tutorials for all these can be found in the right hand column. If you'd rather purchase the premade stars/butterflies etc.  just leave me a message here, use the contact form or swing over to my facebook page to see what i have for sale. i can do custom colors on the butterflies and dragonflies, as long as i have the colors available.  
Don't forget to enter the giveaway on the FB page, also i have a giveaway for a custom Family Birthday Sign here, and i have a couple others in the works! 


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