Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bee Kind Family Farm Feature and Giveaway!

Bee Kind Family Farm is a homesteading family of 3 located in the Mountains of NW North Carolina. Rob, Jaime and their daughter Norah  live in a Solar/ Off Grid home in the Pisgah National Forest where they organic garden, raise chickens and honeybees. They sell their goods at local farmers markets and online.

i've known and admired Jaime for many years. We first met (online) back when she was selling patchwork on the website Back Porch Boutique . It has been amazing to watch their family grow, their business evolve and follow along on their off grid/homesteading journey! They are truly an inspiration.

What started off as a garden, some chickens and a few beehives, has turned into an incredible off grid homestead that include 65 bee hives, multiple vegetable gardens,  laying hens, meat birds and shiitake logs.  In the summertime Bee Kind Family Farm can be found  set up at the local farmers market, selling fresh produce, chicken, eggs, shiitake mushrooms, honey, candles and cold process soaps.

In 2013 they added solar panels, disconnected from the electric company and officially went off grid. They heat their home and cook with wood, heat their water with wood and solar, grow and preserve much of their food and live as simple as possible,  All of their gardens are organic. They do not treat their bees , their honey is not heated (it is raw) and it is minimally filtered, leaving all the good stuff, pollen, trace vitamins in there. When you purchase honey from Bee Kind Family farm you are getting honey straight from the hive!!!  They also make lovely candles with the beeswax, and have started making cold process soaps as well.   By purchasing from Bee Kind Family Farm you are helping them support their dream.

You can connect with the folks from Bee Kind Family Farm in the links below. 
Bee Kind Family Farm on Facebook This page is for their honey and product sales.
Off Grid Homestead on Facebook  This page follows their daily life and homesteading journey. 
Bee Kind Family Farm on Etsy.  This is where you can purchase their non-perishable goods.
Off Grid Homestead Blog   A glimpse into their offgrid daily life, recipes, tutorials and more.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!

Bee Kind Family Farm is generously giving away a sample pack to one lucky reader!
The Sample pack includes a bar of homemade cold process soap, a beeswax candle and a 2.25 oz jar of raw honey. 

To enter, wait for the rafflecopter to load.


  1. Alrighty then, I may have it figured out. I'm game to try the sample pack :)

  2. I would actually really love to try the soap! And her honey... but soap first lol

  3. The Cool family has been an inspiration to many (including myself) for years! Their honey is awesome and Jaime's stitching is top notch! I'd love to try out the soap!! :-)

  4. I love Jaime's soap better than mine. Love to win this gift set to give to my Mother for Christmas to her to introduce her to a family "Living off the grid" and that this is the future NORM!

  5. My favorite product is (at least right now, later in the year I would like the soap but since it is winter)the Pure Beeswax Candle pine cone shape. I think they would look so pretty on my mantle.

  6. I would love to try the Lavender Soap cold Process Soap made with Honey and Beeswax.

  7. I like everything in their shop! I'd like to try the patchouli lime soap actually. I will most likely be returning to buy candles for Christmas too!

  8. lovely! could never get raff to load

  9. I would love to try the oatmeal soap! I have really sensitive skin and oatmeal is suppose to be great for that

  10. I would love to try the Patchouli Lime soap

  11. I lov e the Candle Christmas tree.. Love to have one.