Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Maleficent and Elsa themed bendy doll and new projects.

Just showing off a few of my new dolls. This one is Maleficent inspired.  She was a bit tricky to make, so i'm not sure how many i'll have available before xmas, but i am hoping to have a few. They'll be available on my FB page.

Snow Queen Elsa, was a special request from my daughter. i listed a few on my page for sale and will have a few more soon.

i have lots of Elves available for immediate purchase!. 

i made my daughter a few playsets several years ago and enjoyed them so much i decided to make them again.  These are definitely going to be a limited edition thing, i don't plan to make a bunch but you can expect to see these available on my page soon. i also plan to have a few mermaid playsets and a 'Frozen' themed set as well.

To keep up with my new work and see what is aailable for for sale  head over to my facebook page


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