Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Round Up.

February seemed to fly by, although i admit at times it also seemed to drag.  Bit of a recap, not a whole lot went on the first two weeks of February, but at the end of the second week my daughter came down with the flu. A couple days later my husband was sick as well.  Then we were hit with our first big snow of 2015, and school was canceled the entire week.  My girl was fevered for 5 days, and when the fever broke she developed a pretty nasty cough that lasted another 3-4 days. My husband was only fevered for 3 days, but is still dealing with the fatigue and cough over a week later. 

School was canceled all week because of the snow, so my girl actually only missed one day of school from the flu (the friday before valentine's day).  The roads didn't improve, and the kids had monday and tue of the next week off as well. The were back to school for a full day on Wed and then that evening it began to snow again. We got another 5-6" and were out of school for the rest of the week.  

My girl missed out on the first snow because she was sick, but by the second week she was finally able to get outside and enjoy in it. They made a giant snow ball,  started a snow dragon, had a snowball fight, made snow cones and enjoyed lots of sledding.

The kids love the snow, me not so much. i came outside to take a few pictures, but i didn't even go sledding this year. i'm just totally over the winter and ready for spring. 

The dogs really enjoy the snow, but they also love curling up on the their doggie bed in the basement and spending the cold nights inside.

Casper doesn't seem to mind the snow, but Delilah prefers to hide out in the goat house. Poking her head out just enough to see if i brought treats. We have a fleece blanket covering the door, to protect them from the wind. Our temperatures got down to below zero, which is pretty darn cold. The animals all seemed to tolerate it pretty well, although a couple of my rooster got frost bite on their combs.

My poor chickens have spent the last few weeks stuck in the coop. They want nothing to do with the snow, and pretty much hang out on the roosts all day. i believe this is where the term feeling 'copped up' comes from. lol. Between Sage being sick and then the snow, i went almost three weeks without leaving the house.  i was definitely feeling some pretty serious cabin fever!

My boy who officially became a teenage in Jan. has started working with his dad in the glass shop. He started off just getting comfortable with the glass, and then began making a few pendants.  He is progressing well and seems to really enjoy it.  

My girl started expressing an interest in sewing, so i pulled out some felt and helped her to design a pokemon plushie. She figured out which ones she wanted to make, and i cut the pieces out. She then glued them together and did all the sewing herself.   

She is very proud of her pokemon and keeps asking to make more. i think a sewing machine may end up on her birthday list this year. :) 

With the kids home from school i really don't get much crafting done. i just don't deal well with distraction. When i'm beading or sewing i like to go into the 'zone' and when someone is yelling mom every ten minutes it just doesn't work for me.  So instead we've been playing board games, baking cookies, doing ice crafts and i helped my boy bake a chocolate lava cake.

i've been sitting by the woodstove drooling over seed catalogs, starting seeds and ordering seeds. i'm excited about this years garden and working on doing things a bit differently and already starting to plan it out.  The snow crushed my hoop house which was filled with winter lettuce and kale. So i've started a pot of mixed lettuce inside, and then decided to start a few broccoli, cauliflower and kale as well. Since i was starting seeds, i planted a couple of tomatoes too. :)  i know it's way too early, but if i can keep them alive for the next month, they should do well outside in a cold frame.  

So that pretty much sums up our February.  Looking forward to a busy productive month and all the beautiful signs of spring.


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