Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fuming Workshop with Kenan Tiemeyer


CLASS DATES 3/10 & 11

Want to increase your gold and silver fuming skills? Improve your marble, pendant, bead making abilities? Learn how to make really tight honeycomb patterns?  Then, this class is for you.  Join TGR in welcoming Kenan Tiemeyer for a two-day workshop in learning all these skills.  The focus of this two-day class will be on marbles, beads, pendants with the use of gold and silver fume as well as encasement of opals and the building of optical layers in pendants / marbles. 
Kenan Tiemeyer is from Floyd, Virginia.  He has demoed at the Art Glass Invitational (AGI) in Hilliards, PA and has written many articles for The Glassline Magazine.  Kenan has also traveled to Europe and other foreign countries demonstrating his techniques.
•  Students must be at an intermediate level working with glass
•  Students have experience with pulling points, working with tubing, and even "inside out" techniques
•  Class MUST have at least 5 students in order to hold class - Maximum student level is 8
•  Bring your tools, gold & silver, and opals if you already have them.  Glass needed for class is provided.  Gold & silver and opals will be available for the class (in a limited quantity) and for purchase.
• Class will be from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all dates

My husband rarely teaches classes, so this is your chance to learn his fuming techniques. 3/12-13 classes are filled, but there are only a few spots left on 3/11-12! Head over to The Glass Resort LLC to reserve your spot! 

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