Friday, April 29, 2016

Apalus Magnetic Screen Door- Product review

Last week my husband got the green house all set up and i have already filled it with seed trays and plant starts. He built a raised on one side, and a garden bench in the back. i'm completely in love with it!  He showed me how to open the vents at the top to help adjust the temperature, but it still gets really warm in there! i put the temperature gauge in it, and it's been averaging around 110 degrees.  i needed to be able to keep the doors open, but i knew that if i did that the chickens would get in there and tear up my plants. i'm also trying to avoid a lot of the insect pests that plague many of my garden veggies, so leaving the door pen without some kind of a screen just wasn't an option.

My husband and i were discussing what we could use as a screen when i received an offer to try out the Apalus Magnetic Screen Door. After reading the reviews and description on the site, i thought it might be just what i was looking for!  According to the product description

  • Minutes install and instant remove, no tools required. Size 36"X83"(90x210CM), fits doors up to 34"X82" (86x208CM)
  • Powerful magnetics perfect gap free seal, 16 magnets sewn in the reinforced seam
  • Toughest mesh keep bugs out and let fresh air in, strong durable best quality polyester flying mesh
  • Sewn in strong velcro along the frame, extra push pins are provided, strong enough for years traffic
  • Walk through hands free, Pets enter & exit freely

Above is what i received. It's the magnetic screen door, with velcro strips and tacks. There were no instructions included in the box, but it's pretty self explanatory and there are full instructions with pictures on the Amazon page. 

As you can see, it's very easy to install. Just affix the velcro to the door frame, you can use the tacks if you have any gaps.  i wasn't entirely sure how it work in my greenhouse, because of the sliding glass doors.  It fit perfectly in the center space when the doors are fully open.  i affixed the side velcro to the metal sliding door frames, so when i open the doors in the morning, i just velcro the sides in place. Then in the evening to close the doors i just un-velcro the sides and close it up. 

i'm really pleased with the #ApalusScreenDoor !! It works perfectly for my greenhouse. It was really easy to install. This is exactly what i needed for the greenhouse!! Now i can open the door to regulate the temperature when it's too hot inside. i can go in and out easily with my hand full of plants without having to try and open and close a door. The magnetic strips in the door close it automatically after you walk through. It keeps the chickens and bugs out, but my cat can get through it if she gets left in the greenhouse and i don't have to worry about her getting too hot. It took her a few minutes to figure out how to push through, but she's figured it out and can now go in or out as she pleases. i am really happy with this product!

My daughter demonstrating how great the door works.  This magnetic screen door can be purchased on Amazon for $19.99. It's a nice alternative to regular screen doors, and i love that it's so easy to install, you can walk through it hands free and pets can enter and exit freely.

i received the Apalus Screen Door at a discount ($1) for my unbiased opinion. It really is EXACTLY what i was looking for and serves it's purpose well.


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