Thursday, May 26, 2016

May the 4th Day & Star Wars icecube/candy molds- review

May 4th is known as the unofficial Star wars Holiday to Star Wars fans everywhere ! My post is a little behind, but this year we decided to make Star wars candy in celebrations of May the 4th.  

My family are huge star wars fans so we were very excited to review these Starwars silicone icecube trays/candy molds.    They are made of 100% high quality food grade silicone. They can be used in freezer, fridge, dishwasher and oven. They are heat resistance up to 450 Degrees Fahrenheit.

These can be used for so many things! You can use them to make Starwars shaped ice, chocolate, crayons, soap, jello jigglers and more!

The kids helped me test these out and we made a bunch of really cool chocolates!! The molds are very detailed.  The set comes with 6 molds. You get Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, X­wing fighters, the Millennium Falcon, R2-D2 and even Han Solo in Carbonite.  The R2-D2 mold and the Han Solo have two different sizes on the mold. 

The chocolates pop out of the molds really easily.  i've made candies using regular chocolate molds before and sometimes the chocolates stick and don't release well. The neat thing about the silicone molds and is that you can actually turn them inside out to pop the chocolate out.

After adding your chocolate, you really want to gently tap the trays down a few times.  These should have had much more details, but i forgot to tap them so there some bubbles in them.  Also, when removing the R2-D2 you really want to pay special attention to the feet. The first one i popped right out and the feet broke, so when i removed the second one i did it a little more slowly and it came out perfect!

The Millennium Falcons turned out awesome!!  We filled these with toasted coconut, almonds and added some white chocolate on the backs.  

Just for fun, i used the Hans Solo mold for my fresh homemade butter. :)  i chilled the butter in the mold before attempting to pop it out, but it came out perfect.  

These molds clean up easily and are so much fun!! The Star Wars silicone #icecube tray molds are available here.

We received the molds for free in exchange for our review.  My opinions are my own. We really had fun with these, and i wouldn't recommend them if i didn't truly love them!


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