Thursday, June 17, 2010

Berry Season has begun!

Have i mentioned before how much i love berries? Especially, when the fruit is picked straight from the plant, homegrown and organic. Berry season, is finally here..and it looks to be a very good one.

We have blueberries ...

and red raspberries...ready for picking. Blackberries and black raspberries are not quite ripe yet..but getting close. There's going to be lots. Enough for jam, enough to freeze, enough to gorge ourselves every time we walk out the door. i love this time of year, when the kids ask for a snack and i just send them outside to 'pick' something. Fresh berries, sugar snap peas, fresh green beans... we live on these in the summer.

Fruit salads, fruit smoothies, and berry parfait with fresh yogurt.
i truly feel blessed to live here, and have so much real food right outside my door.
i always look forward to berry season, and am glad that it extends through out much of the summer. OUr red raspberries are everbearing, so we'll get a new crop come fall. i look forward to making pies and tarts and having my freezer stocked in tasty berries again.
i love berry season!


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