Sunday, June 13, 2010

The kids garden.

We got a late start on the kids garden this year. Sequoia didn't start working on it until school was out. However, both kids were very eager to plant again. Last year's kids garden did really well.

Kenan did the original tilling to get the soil ready, and then Sequoia used the hoe to get rows ready and pulled the weeds out. We then added some seasoned manure from the local dairy farm and turned it into the soil a bit.

It's amazing what a bit of rain can do. We always add manure and compost to our soil to continually build it up. Unfortunately, with that comes lots of weed seeds. Yes, everything you are looking at in that picture is weeds. They literally appeared overnight after a nice soaking rain shower. If you think it looks bad in the tiny garden, you should see my main garden...the weeding is never ending. Everytime it rains they come back full force. :)

Sequoia did all the weeding himself, and planted two rows of peas, tomatoes, pepper and lettuce. a few weeks ago.

Sage was very enthusiastic about helping too, and she put in two rows of beans, a row of turnips, zucchini and some flower seeds.

She refused any kind of help, had to do it all by herself. She would poke a finger into the soil to make a hole and then drop the seed in. Then she watered them and patted dirt over the seeds and said 'grow little seed grow'. She did this with every seed. :)

We got a really nice rain again last night, so it won't be long before these start to sprout. i look forward to updating with it's progress, and feel incredibly blessed that my children share my love of planting and growing things. They are always eager to eat the vegetables they have grown themselves, even ones that are new to them.

Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden. ~Robert Brault


  1. Their garden looks fantastic, and I love how enthusiastic they are about it. My girls also love their little patch of garden, and I think it is such a wonderful thing for a child to do.
    Looking forward to seeing updates on how it all grows!

  2. grow little seed grow ~ hehe ~ too cute! those kiddos are gonna have one sweet garden :c)