Friday, June 15, 2012

Sage's Birthday Doll & Outfits.

Last week i shared a few photos of the doll that i'm making Sage for her Birthday.

One of my biggest struggles with these dolls is making the clothing for them. It's not the actual sewing of the clothing that i have hard time's the picking out of fabrics. Matching colors and create a complete outfit. i tend to get image in my head of 'the perfect doll' and then i get frustrated when i can not find the materials to make it happen.
Although i have a couple of Sage's baby dresses that will fit the doll i really wanted to make some outfits.

The first one i completed is this princess dress. This dress is made using fabrics i already had on hand. i would have done it a bit differently if i had gone out and purchased all new fabrics, but i'm quite pleased with the way it turned out. The crown still needs to be sewn, and i'm planning to make a matching one for my daughter. :)

Of course i HAD to make a mermaid tail . If you've followed my blog at know how much we love mermaids. :) The top has elastic encased in matching fabric, and the shells are made from felt. i'm planning to also make a freshwater pearl necklace and some kind of headband/ hair ornament with shells and pearls on it.

Yesterday i whip up this tie-dye dress. i'm really pleased how well it turned out. i tend to have a bit of trouble sizing the dresses, since i never use patterns. This one turned out perfectly, and has a snap on the back to make it easy to take on and off. This was made out a t-shirt i had picked up a the thrift store. i've been finding a lot of these gorgeous tie-dye shirts that look brand new there. They usually have some kind of emblem or screen print on the front, but i can get enough fabric off the back to make several items.

Today i'm working on just one more outfit (i think!!). i'd like to make her a pair of pants, top and a matching sweater. Then i just need to come up with a bag or suitcase to store all the clothing in...and maybe another pair of shoes. :)

i'll post pictures of the completed doll/outfits next week. i'm so excited to give this doll to my daughter on her birthday. i know she's going to absolutely love her. :)

ps. i'll be posting the tutorial for elf ears and the quiver in the next day or two. :)


  1. Oh my goodness she is BEAUTIFUL!! I love her!!!

  2. incredible as usual. I love how her hair can change styles.
    I hope you get a really good picture of Sage's face when she sees her!