Sunday, September 23, 2012

End of Summer/ Happy Autumn!

i just have to take this moment to say how much i HATE the new blogger platform. 
 Apparently it no longer auto-saves (thanks so much for the warning!!)  After spending all morning on a blog post, i somehow clicked off the page. i'm not even sure how i did it, but there as no warning 'If you leave this page all current progress will be lost'.  Instead i got up to get something for the kids, when i sat back down the page was gone. So i clicked back on the window that was open and it brought me back to my post...except it was completely blank.  All the pictures, text....everything GONE.

So now i'm sitting here, having wasted my entire morning wondering if it is worth re-writing it all. 

Truth's not.

 So instead, i'll leave you with a just a few pictures and a few words. Maybe i'll come back on a different day and write out the full story, but i'm ready to be outside playing and not stuck behind this silly computer. 

We ended our summer with four new surprise peeps. :)

And began our Autumn with five.  The little yellow peep in the center has quite a story to tell, but we'll save that for another day. (having already typed it all out once today) :/

The very last of our summer monarch caterpillars emerged from it's chrysalis and was released on the Autumn Equinox. Something nice about starting the season with new life.


 Our monarch flew away and danced circles around us. Came back several times to visit the flowers before disappearing for good.  She was our last monarch caterpillar to transform.

Now, i am heading outside with the kids to enjoy these days of warm weather and hold on to 'summer' as long as we can. Hopefully i'll get this blogger thing figured out soon with out too much more stress.

i have several draft posts that were started, but not finished and i have no idea how to find them now. There used to be a little button under the post i'm working on that took me to all the posts, but it's gone. i have looked all over the page and i can't find any way to access my past blog posts and drafts. If anyone can tell me how to do that, it would be much appreciated!!  i don't do well with change! Gah!!


  1. Hi tree, I've been on the new platform awhile and am now used to it, but I know, it's aggravating when the most used items are hidden instead of clickable. Past blog posts are in the drop-down arrow next to the View Blog button. The button just to the left ("Go to post list") also does this. FYI, if you click in the top strip where it says "tree's blogs", the strip of items underneath will disappear/be hidden. You just need to click again on that strip to unhide it.

    If you go to the post list, to get back to the original screen, click on My Blogs.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you for the help. i'm still completely lost on this platform. Took me forever to find the View Blog button. i've figured out that i have to go up to the Design button to find it, rather than on the New Post thread where i use to be able to access it.
      i'm also having a terrible time trying to move my pictures around in the post. i can't just click and drag like i used to...any suggestions on how to arrange the pictures easier? thanks!

  2. Sorry for the delayed response - just noticed your comment! Geez I didn't even realize you could drag photos. I do posts first in a Word doc, figure where to add photos... then when I'm about done with the post, copy and paste the text into Blogger. Actually I have one Word doc that holds all my posts. It helps so you don't lose your writing (as happened to you), and it's easier to search the Word doc when you wonder if you wrote about something specific before.

    I just went to edit one of my past posts in Blogger. Clicking on a photo to select it - or even moving the cursor over it - the cursor does turn into a four-pointed arrow, which usually means you can drag. I was able to drag my photo to a different location. When the photo is selected, you can also choose left, right or center (you probably know this). Also FYI - on the HTML side (there are Compose & HTML buttons at top), you can change the height and width numbers if you want to make a little larger than "Large" without making "X-Large". Add (or subtract) the same amount on both height= and width= #s tho, to keep in proportion. Then click Compose to go back to regular compose mode.