Friday, September 7, 2012

Monarch Twins update.

Update on our Monarch Twins.
They emerged very early in the morning, and were already drying their wings when i noticed them. i was pretty disappointed that we didn't get to see if they emerged at the exact same time.

They both were stretching and drying their wings, so i know they must have emerged very close to the same time.

i removed them from the container and gave them a bit more room to dry their wings and have a little snack on some fresh flowers before taking flight.

When they were ready we took them outside. Even though it was a bit overcast they immediately took flight. i was lucky to get this picture as they flew off the minute i opened the door.

Later that day while i was in the garden a monarch butterfly soared past. The way that it glided in circles, and seemed to dance in the air made me think perhaps it was one of the butterflies we had released. Monarchs fly as if they are love with life, they seem so carefree and graceful. They fly quite differently than other butterflies, and it truly looks like a dance. This one circled me a few times and lighted upon my arm for just a moment as if to say 'i remember you'.

Then it was off again, flying high above the trees and eventually disappearing. <3

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. ~Rabindranath Tagore


  1. this post makes me smile. Monarchs are so special to me being the subject of the song "Twilight Dance"---- They are messengers for us on a personal level- I love the story.
    So happy you rescue them and make sure this corner of the world is a better place in bringing us their beauty and message...xo

  2. We are actually starting our first block today, and chose Monarchs as a short Nature Block theme, since I can do it with both children together. I enjoyed your post, since it fits with our theme. I did a surprise chalk drawing for the littles, last night while they were sleeping. They woke up to and were excited.

    I am excited to find that there are lots! of musical compositions that have butterflies as their theme - the music tends to flitter and flutter and float just like the beautiful creatures.