Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Harvest

 Please bear with me!  Blogger has completely changed their publishing format, and i'm completely lost. i can not figure out how to line everything up, and my pictures are not behaving and i've got weird spacing. It going to take me a while to get this figured out. :(

 My summer garden is beginning to die back now, and my fall garden is just getting started.  Yesterday i spend some time outside cleaning up a lot of the garden.  i pulled all the rest of the bush beans, as the bean beetles had really devastated them.

i picked around 4lbs of purple pole beans and am working to freeze the today. i also picked a handful of the green bush beans and i pulled all of my October beans.  The October beans were not all fully mature, but i shelled them to eat green. Sometimes i leave these on the plants until the pods are brown and dry, then i collect the dry beans. The bean beetles were so bad this year i just pulled them all green.  i still have a huge jar of dried October beans from last year, so i won't be lacking any over the winter.

While cleaning up my front garden, i was surprised to find a couple tomatoes hanging out.  The Black krim still appear to be semi-resistant to the late blight and are covered in green tomatoes.  i found another plant in a different bed, that also had a few tomatoes still on it. i'm still getting lots bell peppers and am wishing i'd planted some other colors like yellow, orange or purple.

i'm still getting tons of leafy greens. Mainly Swiss Chard and Redbor kale.  i ended up with cabbage worms on a lot of my spring kale and pulled it early, but i have new fall plantings in the ground and am hoping i'll have better luck with it this fall.
i'm getting bit frustrated that i can't remove the weird spacing in this post.  Hopefully i will get it figured out eventually, or i'll move my blog to Wordpress...which i probably should have done long ago.  i have a whole bunch of giveaways lined up!  Some of them fit well with my blog, and others not so much.  i think i have a pretty diverse set of readers though, and i just really enjoy giving stuff away!   So you can expect to see some fun new giveaways in the future, including raw honey from my friend Jaime over at Off Grid Homestead

That's it for now, i'm pretty fed up trying to figure out this new layout.


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