Friday, November 2, 2012

Handmade and Local Gift Guide- 2011 Revisited.

 Last year i put together a gift guide with some of my favorite handmade and local shops. i thought it was a great way to help promote friends, family, crafters and small businesses that i love. 

i wanted to put together a new one for this year, and decided to look up last years post as a template.  However, last year's gift guide post is missing.  i checked dates, did searches...went through the posts month by month...but it seems that Blogger decided to eat the post. Who knows how many other posts have spontaneously disappeared? :( 

Thankfully i still had the picture saved on my pc.  So here is the list i put last year. Please take a minute to check out some of these fabulous shops!

1. Bee Kind Family Farms is a small family farm, focused on : sustainability & Love for mother earth.  This shop belongs to my friend Jaime and her husband who reside in the blue Ridge Mountains of NC. They sell honey, beeswax products and organic/hemp clothing. You can connect with them 
Bee Kind Family Farm on Facebook.
You can also follow their journey in homesteading on their blog

2. Red Rooster Coffee Roaster is artisan roasted in small batches, one block from the only stoplight in Floyd, VA. It is my local coffee shop, and one of the regions only Certified Organic Fair Trade coffee roasters.You can connect with them 
on their Facebook page
and on their website.  

3. Seven Feathers Tribe makes the most fabulous felt toys, and clothing. (check out her arm warmers!!)  Cre the seamstress behind these wonderful items is an incredibly sweet and talented WAHM of 6!  Also located in the Blue ridge mountains of  NC.  You can connect with them
Seven Feathers Tribe on Facebook. 

4. Simple Bright Moon specializes in handmade organic/hemp clothing and the adorable owl pillows featured above. Located in Boone, NC Abby uses fabric and materials that are locally bought or hand dyed hemp by a fellow artist.
Connect with Simple Bright Moon Clothing on facebook.

5. Patchwork and Pinecones / Pixy Patch are the online shops of my friend Danielle. She lives in a small town in Amish Country, Pa. which has a long history in quilting and patchwork. She makes a variety of great gift items including reusable produce bags, aprons, headbands and more! Connect with Pixy Patch on Etsy
and on Facebook!
Also check out her food blog.

6. Tangled Up in Yarn is my friend Angie's crochet business that allows her to stay at home with her children.  She makes fabulous crocheted hats, ear warmers and costumes here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA. Her hats are the perfect gift for the little ones on your shopping list.

7.  Old Gates Farm is a small farm in Castleton, VT where they raise pastured meats and eggs, veggies and bottle their own wood-fired maple syrup. The Old Gates online store is a spot for them to sell handmade soaps, hand knit goods, farm photography and maple syrup.
You can also follow their wonderful blog .

8. Life Expressions By Shawna Lowther.  Shawna is one of my SILs, she is a stay at home mother of 4 and loves to create special, original signs and sayings for people.  Her signs are made with real wood, so that all have that uniqueness of the wood grain and knot.  The signs can be personalized and customized, you pick the saying, color of board, color of lettering and the size! You can connect with her on facebook.

9. Tiemeyer Glass is my husband's website.  Although he typically specializes in marbles and pendants, during the holidays he makes icicle ornaments, and glass pens.  These make great gifts.
You can connect with him on Facebook.
You can also see more of his work on his website Tiemeyerglass,com.

10. The Enchanted Tree is my online shop. i started off selling handmade clothing and beadwork online back in 1998.  Over the years i've changed my focus, and played around with different mediums. Right now i'm focusing on my little bendy dolls, but plan to be selling Waldorf dolls in the near future. i also hope to eventually get back into beading one of these days. :)
You can visit my (neglected) website here. 

11. The beautiful crocheted boots are the work of my SIL, Kaytlyn.  i'm not sure she is still running her Etsy shop though, so i don't have a link to share at this time. 

12. BigFam15 is my Inlaws Etsy shop. They specialize in reasonably priced weaving and spinning tools made from rescued, saved, or recycled wood.  You can find mini looms, drop spindles, shuttles, warping bars and more!

i hope you enjoy the list, and take a few minutes to peek around some of these fabulous shops! i'm working on a new gift guide for this year and will be featuring a few different artists and crafters in the coming weeks! Don't be surprised if i have a few giveaways as well!

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  1. I know I saw this last year, but it's still good for me. I know quite a few of these, but still some are new. Your in-laws store looks fun. I'm going there next!